Saturday, December 08, 2007

Who You Calling A Ho?

UPS Guy: Ho, ho, ho!

Me: Who you calling a Ho?

So then he tells me that he heard on the news that this season Mall Santas are being told not to say "ho, ho, ho" - since it could offend women. I thought he was joking, there's just no way that some one could actually take offense with Santa, right?

I try to be politically correct, I realize that others have thinner skins than I do, but really?!

Current Music: Santa Baby - The Pussy Cat Dolls

Photo Courtesy of: CaptCaveman


Anonymous said...

haha! Girl, it's getting ridiculous that people are offended by Ho-Ho-Ho! i say, the more Ho's the merrier!!

Hope you're having a good one!!

Bronwyn said...

The only thing I have figured out about life is that people are stupid.

kimmyk said...

i would love for santa to call me a ho.
i would laugh my butt off.

people are too sensitive. bunch of cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

This year, let us gather up every single re-gifted fruitcake from the years past, and shove them in the face of every single over-sensitive fool who thinks that the mall Santas shouldn't say "Ho-Ho-Ho". The political correct BS has gotten way out of control. These over-sensitive ninnies need to grow a set of balls, develop a sense of humor, get a freaking life, and learn to unclench themselves.

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