Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What is "w00t" you ask? Well, it's a number of things:

1. It's a favorite exclamation over on Contrary's blog.

2. It's today's Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day (defined as "An expression of joy and excitement.").

And, saving the best for last,

3. It was just named Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year 2007!

Runner's up were: facebook, conundrum and quixotic, as well as a few more.

It is spelled with two zeros in place of the 'o's - because of some computer gaming thingy. I haven't decided what I think of the whole blending of letters and numbers to form words - but maybe I'm getting old. Sadly it's only the on-line word of the year, and not actually found in the dictionary - but apparently taking top honors could improve it's chances of gaining entry to the big book.

The Global Language Monitor also released it's top words for the year today and they were just a wee bit more hi-brow: Hybrid (actually Hybrid Electric Vehicle - HEV), Surge and Bubble (as in the housing bubble bursting). I did like the fourth word "Smirting – The new-found art of flirting while being banished outside a building for smoking".

I do worry for the future of our culture from time to time - this is one of those times.

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Scoobers said...

It a matter of time before I hear my niece uttering words like these. W00t there it is!

no? wrong context?

getting old is a super funny thing sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I also like to say 'raise the roof', 'Homie don't play that' and 'Don't go there', so I wouldn't look to me as the harbinger of what all the cool kids are saying.

That having been said, I'm w00ting on the inside over here.

(I used it wrong didn't I? Screwed it up for the whole internet)

for a different kind of girl said...

I am a huge fan of the word 'conundrum,' and I was surprised it was in the consideration category. I would have thought it was a standard. Maybe it's because I just like to use it all the time.

But woo-hoo to w00t!

Anonymous said...

these comments are cracking me up!

i saw one blogger using "woot" and i had no clue about it. thanks for this info, mandy lou!! can i get a woot-woot!!

they are getting younger and younger with use of some crazy language. i asked one of my little 5 year old students to clean up his mess and he all, it ain't nothin' but a thang, Ms. Katie. fo'sheezy.

um, say what? :)

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