Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Five Things

I promised Just Laura that I'd do this meme - and since I don't have much time and I don't have much else to talk about, it seems a perfect time to do it!

It's supposed to be five things about me, but I just did 100, so I'm guessing that you're sort of tired of hearing about me. And since I'm not feeling particularly serious or deep I think I'll do a list of strange things currently in my purse (yes, that is indeed a picture of the inside of my purse!):

1. One sun glass lens - it's out of a pair that I broke a while ago, but the color is so perfect to look through that I've been seeking a match for months.

2. Corkscrew - now that's not really all that strange, but it's not something the average person carries around. But you never know when you'll be called upon to open a bottle, so it's a useful tool.

3. Four Empty Gum Packs (which I am now taking out) - clearly I need to clean my purse more often, so not chew as much gum - one or the other.

4. Little Metal Foot - not a real foot shaped foot, but one of the little feet off the bottom of one of my other purses. Though I'm not exactly sure how it ended up in this purse.

5. A 100 Calorie Snack Pack of Gold Fish - how long they've been at the bottom of my purse I'm not sure, but I can tell you that they are no longer gold fish.

If you'd like to play along consider your self tagged!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one with a corkscrew on hand at all times! haha! ya just nevah know, mandy lou!

Hope you're having a great day!

for a different kind of girl said...

the corkscrew and the Goldfish (before their unfortunate demise) meant you were ready for a party. Anytime, anywhere!

I have like 100 lipsticks in my bag. It's overkill, considering I wear the same one or two shades the most.

Just Laura said...

I don't have the corkscrew in my purse...but it is in my car. 'Cause you just never know. It definitely would have come in handy last weekend in the mountains (I rented a truck so no corkscrew). See!

Lori said...

So do you always carry the corkscrew with you, or was it just a one time thing and you never took it out?
Based on you other comments it's apparently not that strange.

Your doing a good job with the holidailies!

Scoobers said...

Haha on the corkscrew! Bottle openers I have seen in purses. I have one on my keychain but never a cork screw.

As for the gum, you can never have too much.

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