Thursday, December 20, 2007

The State of Things

This is what my desk looks like:

On the bright side, my Christmas cards are done. Some how that does not make up for all the things that need to be done before I leave Monday morning:

  • three clients plans to finish
  • two orders to put in
  • multiple loads of laundry
  • pack
  • return gifts that were duplicates (because some people don't know how to use Kaboodle)
  • buy new gifts to replace the duplicates
  • clean my house
  • finish making my mom's gift
  • buy a few last minute gifts
  • work at both jobs
  • get the dog to the kennel
  • stop the paper and the mail
  • figure out what to make for dessert for Christmas and send a shopping list to my dad
I'm sure that's not everything, but it's a start. Oh, and I'd like to get it all done with out coming completely unhinged!

Very excited to find that there is a word for my condition "Holidaze".

BTW - thanks for the validation on the baby pictures! But please stop if I seem ready to start buying them all sweaters and trying to put them in handbags - 'k?

Current Music: My Christmas List - Simple Plan


Anonymous said...

um, what the hell's wrong with putting a dog in a sweater, Mandy Lou!!? huh! huh? hehe. i kid. ;)

whew! you do have alot of stuff to do. i am exhausted just reading all that. i really hate to x-mas shop. i find the holidays more stressful than anything else. anyways, hope you can get it all done, girl! i know ya can! :)

Bronwyn said...

What if it's a really cute handbag??

Scoobers said...

HA! I'd love to see you put your DOG in a handbag!

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