Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Holidays are Here

And I quote "It looks like one of Santa's Elves threw up in here." This is what passes for a complement from my darling husband regarding the Christmas decor in my home.

On the bright side the tree is up (well, unboxed and decorated) and the house is all done up (I'd post pictures, but my friend borrowed my uploader do-hicky). I danced about with the holiday songs on my ipod - shaking my bootie and decking the halls. Sadly, I still have the lights to do outside, but I'll get them done - I promise, really.

For reasons that are just to long and drawn out to explain - this is our first year with a fake tree. In fact this is our first time with a tree in our house since we moved (three years!). Our dog and our two kittens have never seen a Christmas tree (so we'll see how that goes?!) - I'm not sure that the tree can take any of them.

Anyway, back to the fake tree thing. I think that given that it started off life looking like this - that it turned out pretty well. Actually as long as you look at it an night with the lights out and sqidge up you eyes a bit it looks totally real!

I'll tell you what - fake trees with the lights attached may not look or smell real, but they rock when it comes to putting up Christmas in a hurry. Most of the time was spent putting up the decorations around the house, rather than the tree itself. And I didn't have to worry about pine needles all over the floor!

Current Music: White Christmas - Bing Crosby (though we lost all the white that we got yesterday - it's pouring rain right now)


Anonymous said...

I love your tree! I think it looks great, Mandy Lou. and i totally concur about fake being better than real. Real are so hard to take care of. Love the convenience of the fake prelit trees myself. Hope you had a great weekend!

Lori said...

Your tree looks pretty!
I got a tree yesterday too, with full intentions of decorating it, as well as the rest of the house, but I got tired. The lights are only halfway on because I ran out. And I can't get to the boxes of decorations in the basement behind the stairs and behind the other boxes and misc crap we have in the storage room. But since I am on maternity leave and still no baby, I guess I have all day to get to it. Maybe if I get it done I'll put some pictures up too.

Anonymous said...

I'm not yet in the spirit enough to decorate. I HAVE to be in the spirit to do anything.

We're going to have a real tree, but it will be a tabletop because of the small creature that live in my house.

Scoobers said...

Your tree is so cute!
I may follow contrary and get a table top. Dookie scares me, especially when I'm not home to watch her.

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