Monday, December 31, 2007


Cheers to being home and sleeping in my own bed! Cheers to the peace and quiet that we are currently enjoying. Ah so many things to be happy about.

Sadly, Scott is not one of those things - he is in the middle of fretting about this evening's festivities. "It's too expensive, I don't have anything to wear, I don't know half the people" - sometimes he whines more than a girl - jeesh! We're off to dinner soon and then we're heading over to J&M's for hot tubbing, and ringing in the new year. Not sure how many are joining us, but it's quite a few - still should be fun.

Have I mentioned that I've never gone out for new years before? So, I'm not going to let him whine his way out - we're dressing up and we're going out and we're going to have fun! I'm not letting him or the impending winter storm ruin it.

Holidalies is just one short day away, so I'll be blogging hungover tomorrow - expect it to be short and maybe a bit garbled.

Cheers to one and all - wishing you all a happy and safe New Year's celebration!

Current Music: End of the World Party - Medeski, Martin & Wood


kimmyk said...

happy new year mandy lou!!!
glad you're home safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Hope it was fun! can't wait to hear all about it!

Happy New Year to you and yours. :)

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