Monday, December 10, 2007


Ok this is where the whole Holidailies/NaBloPoMo thing gets irritating.

I got home about 20 minutes ago - had to make dinner and am just sitting down to look at this blog. I've been working all day (actually working, not goofing off!), I've got laundry to finish, I've got holiday cards to finish and a bunch more work to get done.

But am I doing it - nope, I'm posting to the blog (probably boring the pants off you with all my whining). My overwhelming sense of responsibility makes me feel like I MUST post.

There are so many hurdles to the holidays, what made me think that I should add another?!

Oh yeah - and there's an ice storm headed this way, what the heck is that?! And what do I do about it?

Current Music: Snowman - Barenaked Ladies


for a different kind of girl said...

There's an ice/snow storm heading toward me, too. What am I doing about it? Hoping for a snow day tomorrow...minus the kids. And the power to stay on, because I just went to the grocery store, another project in the long list of things that have kept me from sitting down until just now. Too many things, not enough fun!

Scoobers said...

Sadly, December will be over before we know it. No more Holidailies... No more 2007. No more waistline...

Hunker down, put in a good movie and turn on that electric blanket!

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