Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Finally Happened

I'm turning into one of those people that take too many pictures of their cats and dog. I suppose it's not bad - I don't have kids, and Scott hates having pictures taken - and face it the dog and cats are pretty damn cute.

Still, I didn't figure me for that kind of blogger - I wanted to be the cool kind, that has lots of funny quips and posts about world events. I guess I'm already a bit wide of that mark, so here goes...

How cute is this - you can barely see where the cat leaves off and the dog begins!

Plus - I'm totally busy at work today and later tonight, so this gets my Holidailies out of the way!

Current Music: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Bing Crosby


Scoobers said...

There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of your 'babies'. I'm guilty 10 fold which is why I fully support you :) And it does make Holidailies a bunch easier to manage!

Plus, the dog people AND the cat people of the blogging community will be equally pleased.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, just LOVE a blog with lots o' pictures, Mandy Lou. If that makes me an uncool blogger, than so frickin' be it!! hehe. ;)

Love the picture! Looks so cozy!! :)

Bronwyn said...

I love "baby" pictures too. I have more pictures of dogs than of humans. Dogs are cuter and I like them better.

Your puppy and kitty are so cute!!

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