Thursday, December 13, 2007

I must have left it in my other purse... brain that is.

Here's how my day went:

Forgot to go to my first morning appointment. Dashed off to my appointment an hour late, fell in the snow, dusted myself off and found that no one was there.

Had a client coming in and forgot (was busy reading blogs - doh!). As we were going over the kitchen design I realized I had forgotten the microwave and the dishwasher - recovered relatively gracefully.

Left work early (though it was probably for the best) to take the dog to the vet. On the way home I stopped at the craft store for yet another component to the holiday cards from hell. I cleared off the front seat, knowing that George would pop up there the second I left the car. As I walked away from the car I realized that I had just locked my keys in the car - with my dog. Twenty calls, ten minutes, and two wonderful men (should I mention that neither of the men that helped me were my husband?) trying to rescue me later I was back in the car with my dog and on the road again. That's when I realized that I had not gone in the store to purchase the item for which I had come! Went back and bought the stinking pen.

Got home, Scott took a couple of pot shots at me and my keen memory. I told him to get in his basement before I kicked his ass - he did as told.

I settled into making dinner - got the rice started, and moved on to the rest. 10 minutes into the rice's cooking time I realized I hadn't actually turned on the oven so that it could cook. So 20 minutes later we ate.

Sat down to relay my spectacular day to you all and could not log into blogger. Finally realized it was because I was trying to use a work password on the account.

So, now I've got a fire going (and haven't burned down the house yet) and I'm going to sit in front of the TV for a bit with a glass of wine and kill off a few more of my ridiculously useless brain cells.

You may have seen this before, but apparently it bears repeating.

Current Music: Still Alright - Adam Merrin


Anonymous said...

oh, mandy lou! if it makes you feel any better, i am stupid practically everyday. sounds like you deserve that wine,girl. put your feet up, relax, and enjoy. tomorrow's friday. :)

Scoobers said...

Ah! Glad you're home and cozy in front of the fire. I'd start a fire but I have no fire place. It would just be bad all around. But I wouldn't have to worry about finishing the gifts anymore!

Bronwyn said...

No kidding! You can relax for one night and get your stuff together later! At work we often kid that as long as two of us are on a team we have half a brain.

That took me forever to write. I think I need a hat too.

Anonymous said...

I once locked my dog in the car with my keys in a drugstore parking lot.

Several nice people tried to help me, including a couple of felons who really shouldn't have had that slim jim. They seemed like nice boys, though.

Finally, someone told me that the the fire department HAD to come help if there was a living creature in the car. Baby, dog, goldfish in a bag of water(ok, maybe not that last one)

So, someone called them for me and they came and unlocked my car.

It was free, except for the evil looks they kept giving me for interrupting their dinner.

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