Friday, December 14, 2007

Reason Number 72

Yep another reason why it's probably a good thing we don't have kids:

Me: What's that noise?
Scott: What noise?
Me: That noise.
Scott: Oh that? Umm, Pearl's into something.
Me: It doesn't sound good - what is it?
Scott: She's chewing on the basket
Me: Well stop her, she shouldn't be chewing on that.
Scott: Oh she's got some kind of plastic thing. Wait, no that's bad she shouldn't be chewing on that - I think.
Me: Well stop her.
Scott: Oh, should I?
Me: Ya think?

Yeah - kids might not survive Scott, there are some days I'm not sure the animals can.

Current Music: You Know I'm No Good - Amy Winehouse


Scoobers said...

kids would survive me but i don't think i'd survive the kids.

if i hear dookie chewing on anything i assume it's bad now.
no faith. i need to have faith in the puppy, i tell you.

Anonymous said...

haha! girl, there are days when i think, i cannot believe that a kid was entrusted to ME!! :)

Have a great weekend, Mandy Lou!

Lori said...

He knows better, he's just playing dumb so you'll get up and take care of it. That sounds like something my husband would say.

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