Friday, December 07, 2007

A Day To Remember

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the "Day that shall live in Infamy". There have been plenty of wars since then, and we've since worse attacks on American soil, but we can't loose sight of this day just because of the newer, fresher wounds.

Every anniversary there are fewer and fewer survivors. Imagine, those that were 18 would be 84 now - we're loosing a generation of heroes and survivors.

December 7th 1941, my Dad was about to turn six months old and my Mom wasn't even born yet. My Grandparents we're living in Oakland, my Grandfather a family surgeon, my Grandmother a housewife.

I've been to Pearl Harbor, and I've seen the Arizona Memorial - it was moving, even at the age of 16. I'd love to go back though, it seems as I age that history means more.

Current Music: The Ocean - The Bravery


Anonymous said...

Great tribute, Mandy Lou!

I wish you a wonderful weekend! :)

kimmyk said...

yeah it's hard to believe all those survivors will soon be gone and with them goes factual memories.


today is my anniversary. that's a good thing.

storyteller said...

Today would have been my Dad's 95th birthday. He was born on Dec. 7th in 1903, but never wanted to celebrate his birthday again after 1941 because he was so upset by this attack.
Hugs and blessings,

Scoobers said...

The stretch of I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson is named 'Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway'. Every time I make the drive and see the sign I find myself wanting to visit the Arizona memorial site (and go to Hawaii, who am I kidding).

My dad was almost two and my mom nearly a year old. How strange to think of it that way.

Thanks for the reflections.
Have a great night.

Lori said...

I got to watch all about it on the history channel in the hospital friday. Yes my baby will now share an infamous day in history.

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