Monday, December 03, 2007


I was feeling fine this morning, still finishing off the cold I got on the plane, but no big deal. Then I took a bit of Robitussin to help with the cough - that was the mistake.

Let's just say that it tastes pretty bad going down, and there's no improvement going the other direction! So I've been laying low today - a few saltines and some Vernor's, and working from home.

On the bright side, I've finalized the design for our holiday card - so now all I have to do is make a billion of them and get them out within the next two weeks! No prob!

Since everyone else is doing it, and really what's a few more when you're making a billion cards, I'd be happy to swap cards with any one that's willing! Just email me at and give me your data and I'll add you to the ridiculously long list of family and friends that don't really deserve a handmade card (no - not you, you totally deserve a handmade card).

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Lori said...

Im not sure which would make me sicker, the Robitussin or the Vernor's. I despise both. But I hope it helps you.
Wow I'm impressed your making your own christmas cards! Sounds like a lot of work, but you are a scrapbooker so I bet they look really cute. I want one. I think I am going to skip the whole christmas cards this year, since my baby is due any day I think I will just do a combo baby announcement / merry chrismas or happy new years depending on when I get them done. Maybe it will be happy easter, depending on how taxing motherhood is for me.

Scoobers said...

Feel better, Mandy Lou!

Just Laura said...

As I write this I hope you are feeling better already. I don't think I've ever had Vernor's - I'm a ginger ale kind of gal.

I definitely want to see your Christmas card when complete. You need to post it.

Thanks for the support and the cool washcloth remedy.

for a different kind of girl said...

Hope you're feeling better. I've had three little mini colds so far this season. Started the day off feeling great and then suddenly felt like crap. Luckily, they've just been cold. I hope they don't go further.

I haven't dug my Christmas cards out yet. It's usually Valentine's Day by the time I get stuff yanked out and around. I should probably do this as in incentive to be more organized this year!

Anonymous said...

oh, i sure do hope you feel better, mandy lou. that sounds like no fun at all. sending warm thoughts and wishes your way, girl. :)

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