Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

The other day as I got ready to go to my Girl's Night I suddenly decided I wanted a new hand bag. So I left work earlier than I had planned so that I could run into Macy's and buy a cute new bag. It had to be colorful and big, something up to date and fun. The only ones I could find were well over the budget I had set for myself (given our household budget, and the fact that there is no monthly allowance for handbags, the budget was slim). Sadly I left the store empty handed, pouted my way home and took my old handbag with me for the night.

So that started off a chain reaction of unhappiness about my budget wardrobe and lack of nice clothes. (Now I don't need really nice clothes because of what I do, but it doesn't mean that every once and a while I don't need to dress up a bit.)

The next step in the chain was on Sunday. I had a cute outfit all planned out in my head for Easter dinner. But between the PMS bloat and the fact that the pants that were so cute in my head turned out to be so uncute - I ended up having a complete melt-down fifteen minutes before we had to leave. I dug through dirty "nice" jeans and checked over all of my worn out sweaters to find something acceptable (thank goodness dinner was casual).

The final straw came on Monday when I found all but my scariest jeans dirty, all of my long-sleeved t-shirts either faded or stained and my shoes just weren't doing it for me.

So Monday afternoon I left work a bit early to check out Target and see if there was anything that could make me feel better. One pair of jeans and a cute pair of "denim" slacks later I was starting to feel a bit better. But I still wasn't there - two pairs of pants was not going to fix the major problem that is my wardrobe. So I continued on and found my new favorite store...

Steve & Barry's. It just opened in town, and between the prices and the clothes those boys have found room in my budget, closet and heart. Nine items and only $80 later I found a cute little dress, another pair of jeans, a cute vest and a few other things.

After a day in my new jeans, I am a bit happier - and Scott isn't too unhappy with the expenditures. Not a bad day's work.

Now I need to work on my shoe selection...

Current Music: New Shoes - Paolo Nutini


Lori said...

I can definitely relate to not having anything to wear. I have a closet full of clothes, but come time to dress nice, I have nothing. I wear scrubs to work, which is great, but that limits my excuses to need to buy clothes. They have a Steve and Barry's out here too but I never checked it out. I'll have to swing by there next time. I like shopping at Target, that is where I buy lots of stuff. I can never get out of there with just one thing.

for a different kind of girl said...

Good for you! I need some new clothes. I can wear business casual for work, but it also ends up being the same shirts and such I wear every day. They're showing the love I've given them over the time. I just wish I had even a small budget!

A Steve and Barry's opened here this year, too, but the gas to get there would eat half my budget on clothes right now!

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