Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different...

After yesterday's serious post I feel the overwhelming need to post about something shallow, silly or in some way less heavy. But I'm at a bit of a loss, the best I can come up with is this:

Has anyone else noticed that there isn't any good music on the radio? All the stuff I'm loving seems to be coming from TV shows and commercials. Here's my current favorite list...

1. New Soul - Yael Naim - The Mac Air Book commercial
2. February Air - Lights - Old Navy commercial
3. Escape Myself - Nouvelle Vague - Lipstick Jungle
4. Smile - Dry Spell - Men In Trees
5. Get Lucky - The Dragonettes - JC Penny commercial
6. What I’m Looking For - Brendan Benson - Mac iTouch commercial
7. Let's Dance - Chris Montez - JC Penny commercial
8. Summer’s Gone - Aberfedly - Diet Coke commercial
9. Let it Out - Starrfadu - Kleenex commercial (this one's for you May-B)
10. We Will Not Grow Old - Lenka - Big Shots
11. MusicBox - Regina Spector - JC Penny commercial
12. Something's Got Me Started - SwingFly - Private Practice
13. All I Want - The Weepies - JC Penny commercial

And don't even get me started on the music from Grey's Anatomy!

So what we've learned here is that JC Penny may be one of the least hip places to shop, but has some kick ass music and ABC is leading the pack as far as the TV music goes. Well at least in my iPod anyway. (We've also learned what Mandy Lou spends her day doing when not working or reading blogs...)

I must offer my thanks to to the good folks at Tunes On TV and Heard On TV (and the playlists on ABC) for the help in seeking some of these songs! And most of these songs seemed to be readily available on Limewire or iTunes.

Current Music: Long Time Coming - Delays


Lori said...

Now that I have DVR I rarely watch commercials, I'll have to pay close attention next time I'm speeding through a JCP one and stop and watch/listen.

Anonymous said...

Hey - thanks for the link love. Looks like Tunes On TV was one of my good ideas.

JCPenney has done a great job with their commercials going back a year to the Music Box series. Matter of fact, I think it's because of them I started the site.

Tunes On TV

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