Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Miss Easter

Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I suppose it still is in some ways, but now it's lacking a bit.

I used to love getting dressed up, including those shinny white patent leather shoes. We used to go to church with my Grandmother - it was the only time that we ever went to church, she always liked to show us off. Sometimes we would go to place Easter Lilies at my Great-Grandparent's crypt. Then we would go home, or to our Grandparent's apartment, or out to our Aunt and Uncle's (it varied by year) and we'd have an Easter egg hunt. We'd hunt for the eggs we had dyed the night before or the really bright plastic ones that were filled with candy (courtesy of our Grandmother) - and of course, the Easter basket itself! Usually the Easter Bunny filled our baskets with a giant chocolate bunny or maybe a See's Easter Egg, coloring books, little toys and some years a beautiful Sugar Egg with a spring scene inside.

Of course Easter hasn't been that way for a number of years, but it was an easy holiday. No gifts, no days worth of cooking or decorating. Basically, just a day to get together with family and eat dinner - something that didn't happen regularly once my sister and I grew up. It was always a good afternoon, good food and wine and company.

The Easter after my Grandmother died, there was no family dinner - and the year after that. As it turned out that it had been my Grandmother that kept us all together at Easter. We did finally get back to it, but it wasn't the same.

Since we've moved to Michigan, I've made Easter dinner for friends, been invited to friends, and made Easter dinner for just us - but it's not the same. Today we're going over to some friend's for dinner, but I miss seeing my family.

Two of my favorite bloggers have recently lost their Grandmothers (Leah over at More Ways to Waste Time and Ali Edwards a scrapbooking superstar). Maybe their loss got me thinking about my Grandmother, or maybe it was Easter, either way I miss them both.

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Natalie said...

I hated those white shoes, I couldn't keep the scuffs off of them and every Sabbath morning I would have to get out the nail polish remover and scrub them clean. I do remember that being a time of year that I would get a new dress, I picked out a purple one once because it came with pearls, and then my mom took them away and wouldn't let me play with them. (we weren't allowed to wear jewelry, even for play) still loved the dress though.

Unknown said...

Easter was never a big deal when I grew up, so we never had the church experience, or dressing up in pretty dresses and patent leather shoes. Heck, it wasn't until I started going to church about eight years ago or so that I learned what the day represented!

What I do miss about Easter is that "here's some candy and some eggs" experience from childhood. My kids think of it as a miniature springtime Christmas, what with all the toys and trinkets that grandparents give them in their baskets!

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