Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hello March

And welcome to NaBloPoMo, the March addition...

I'm absolutely rushed off my feet - working, shopping, cleaning and dinner today, dog show and working tomorrow - and yet, being so busy and rushed I found I'm actually feeling pretty happy today. In honor of that (which can be a seriously rare occasion) I thought I'd start off the NaBloPoMo with a list of things that made me happy today (since the theme is "Lists"):

It's sunny today
It's warmish (high thirties)
There are cute puffy clouds in the sky
And most importantly, it feels like Spring is in the air!

That's about all the time I have, so I'll see you tomorrow!

Current Music: watching Top Gear, trying to get the Tivo clear so I can tape more stuff tonight while I'm out!


kimmyk said...

and the birds are singing!!!

it's suppose to be 50 tomorrow.

ohhhh spring is around the corner. *happy dance*

Anonymous said...

50! it was 80 today down in Hotlanta! okay, i'm a bitch. did not mean to rub that in, but i love the spring so much that i just wanna shout it out to everyone i see!

Hope you had a great weekend, Mandy Lou!

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