Friday, March 14, 2008

There's No Fiesta Here

When did it become necessary for soda companies (right, I know I live in Michigan and I should call it "pop" - you can take the girl out of California, but you can't take California out of the girl. I also overuse the word "Dude") to sell their beverages as a lifestyle enhancement?

I read about Pepsi's new "zero calorie sparkling beverage" - really they had me at sparkling (oh and zero calorie). But then they had to make up lame flavor names like Mediterranean Fiesta, Brazilian Samba and Tahitian Tamure, now I was a bit worried, but the reviews had been pretty good and it was on sale - who am I to say no.

As I look at the bottle I'm about open my bottle of Mediterranean Fiestaand see this:

Zig when you're expected to zag.
Don't look before you leap.
Sushi. Try it.
Get lost on your way home. Intentionally.
Take the train to the art museum.
Admire the graffiti on the way.
Realize that can't and won't are four letter words.
See. Wonder. Believe.
Or you can open the bottle.
Is your Tava open?

And while I may agree with some of it (especially the sushi bit, sushi is good!) it's like I'm about to drink a Mac commercial or a Mini Cooper ad! I also felt the need to check my zipper.

Undaunted - I opened the bottle. I can honestly say there's no fiesta here!

I realize that there are lots of beverage options out there now a days, and it's a tough economy and companies need to sell their product, but really - it's either good or it's not. This is not.

Current Music: Mi Swing es Tropical - Quantic & Nickodemus

And for those that are curious - The tāmūrē is a dance from Tahiti and the Cook Islands and although denied by the local purists, for the rest of the world it is the most popular dance and the mark of Tahiti. Usually danced as a group of boys and girls, all dressed in more (the Tahitian grass skirt, however not made of grass but of the fibers from the bark of the pūrau (hibiscus)). Courtesy of Wikipedia!


for a different kind of girl said...

I'm not sure I want a drink that is so bossy! It reminds me of those Dove chocolates, with the wrappers that are so demanding and telling me what to do. Allow me to eat my chocolate in peace, dang it!

Just Laura said...

Thanks for the review... really. I have this need to try new stuff and then end up being disappointed as well as guilty for leaving my tried & true. Coca Cola.

I think it's all about sound-bytes. Advertisers think we're a bunch of attention deficit followers.

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