Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Saga Continues

So much for "fixed by the end of the day". So much for $1200 for everything. So we're still in deep shit - and I'm not really speaking metaphorically.

By the time I got home last night (around 9:30 pm) the plumbers were still at it. Apparently once they replaced the pump - and added a few expensive do-hickies to it - they found that the water wasn't making it up to the street (which is the point of the pump). We went to bed with the tank empty, but without the pump working - so limited flushes, short showers, etc. - till they could return in the morning to continue everything. We also went to bed thinking that at best everything would be resolved with a little roto-router action, at worst we'd be looking at ripping up 300 feet of pipe to replace it. Needless to say neither of us got much sleep.

There is a bright-ish side to this... this morning the plumber called and said that he realized that the new pump didn't have the right pressure to get everything up to the street. So no roto-router, no new pipes but another new pump.

The less than bright side of things is that the next new pump won't be here till at least Tuesday. So we're back to limited flushes, short showers, no laundry, no dishes till Wednesday or later!!! And worse yet the tank can only hold so much so we're pumping everything into a small (but ultimately well fertilized) part of the yard - gross (as my friend suggested, we're doing a "cousin Eddie" - free pair of spiffy socks to the person that can name that movie :-)!

In other, less crappy news, my other nieces birthday and birthday party was today - she turned the big 2 today. Why two birthday parties in two days? Because my sister is dumb, that's why. But I'd probably do it for these cuties too!

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kimmyk said...

omg. i think i'd pack up and go somewhere for a couple of days and try to forget about the mess that is going on in your basement and forget the plumbers. but that's me in denial.

happy bday to your other niece!

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm with kimmy! I'd pack up and go...and then I'd remember that the plumber is going to charge a boatload (or another type of word that preceds 'load' that you're already dealing with...).

I hope you're not without for as long as it sounds like you could be. This type of thing is seriously one of my big homeowner fears!

Hope your nieces had wonderful birthdays!

Scoobers said...


it is amazing what we take for granted. i will appreciate my clean sink even more in the morning. hope you guys make it through with clean feet!

cousin eddie would have to be of the 'Vacation' movies but think of yourselves more as "Going Green"... or brown, or whatever colors are in your yard. may tulips and daffodils flourish around your well fertilized lawn this spring :)

Lori said...

Seems like insurance ought to kick in for this one. When our basement flooded they said it wasn't covered because we don't have flood insurance, but if our sump pump had failed and caused the flooding, then they would have covered it.
Insurance companies are rediculous, you pay them all this money and then when something happens they find some loop hole to get out of paying.

Lori said...

Yeah, I forgot, I think it is one of those christmas vacation movies. I can't remember the name, but my husband could if he were here, he has seen it many, many times.

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