Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let's Call it Even

Not the best day, but not the worst day today. On the down-side I didn't win the lotto allowing me to leave my life. On the up-side no one pissed me off enough for me to want to beat them with a stick (or make me cry). So we'll call it even.

Now, I didn't do a list yesterday (please don't tell the NaBlPoMo police), but today I think I will. So here's a little list of randomness!

1. Today is my mom's birthday - happy birthday Mom! I won't disclose her age, since I'm a good daughter, and I'm still just a little bit afraid of her (she may only be 5'-3", but she's a dynamo!).

2. My dad is having another biopsy today, he's been feeling poorly, so he decided to bit proactive on the whole rejection thing - we'll know more tomorrow.

3. I am seriously tired of winter, we're due for 3 to 8 more inches of snow tonight.

4. I am getting very good at Wii bowling, I'm only a couple of games away from becoming a "Pro". And my shoulders are killing me from boxing so much!

5. I am tired of my job, I need a vacation that is more than going home for the holidays or sitting home on a couch for an extra day or two.

6. The writer's strike nearly killed me - I've missed TV. When do I get to stop watching re-runs?
That should do it for now, I'll try to be more inspired tomorrow.

Current Music: When You Were Young - The Killers


Bronwyn said...

Isn't that funny? I thought the writer's strike was the greatest thing ever to happen to me. I used to watch 4 - 5 hours of TV a night and yet I haven't missed not watching it.

for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! I have to admit a little bit that I was sad they resolved the writer's strike because it meant I was going to go back to watching television more.

Which I have, and it has made me happy, so, in the end, thank you, writers, for agreeing to the terms! More episodes of LOST for me! Woo hoo!

It was sunny here an hour ago. Now? Now the wind is so strong I fear for my house and I just looked out and there is snow in the air. Enough!!!

Lori said...

Did your dad have a transplant? Kidney? I used to work on a kidney transplant unit when I lived in Seattle.

My top bowling score is 204, I haven't tried the boxing, but I love the tennis.

I am so ready for some good TV too. I was so bummed that my entire maternity leave there wasn't crap to watch on TV. I took to watching Ellen and Who wants to be a millionair. I actually recorded them on the DVR.

Catheroo said...
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Catheroo said...

Happy belated birthday to your mom!
Wii bowling rules! When you get to be a pro, your ball gets all sparkly.
I hope your dad is ok. My dad is going through something similar and it's very worrisome.

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