Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'd Forgotten

Yep, I'd forgotten how hard posting every day could be. Trying to think of something interesting ever day is hard work.

Once I got into the groove of NaBloPoMo, I would find myself thinking of lots of different stuff to blog about for the day (or even the week). By the end of Holidailies I had a hard time not blogging - my brain had trained itself to plan to blog. Apparently I haven't managed to get my brain re-trained just yet.

This is my not so subtle way of saying that I don't have much to post about.

The only other thing I have to report is that my dad is indeed in rejection, but not as bad as last time. He's started on a series of infusions of steroids and another super transplant cocktail. Since it's not as bad he won't have to be hospitalized, so that's good news. Last time he was hospitalized for two weeks, and my mom and the dogs went nuts - so it will be easier for all if he's home.

Not to worry, I'll get my groove back (actually if I had Taye Diggs around I wouldn't have to think about what to post!).

Current Music: Chica Bonita - Shaggy


Bronwyn said...

I think you should see if Taye is available for the rest of the month. Strictly for blogging purposes, of course.

Lori said...

Why is it always the fun stuff that we get hooked on (blogging, wii etc) instead of things like exercise, flossing etc?

Hope the meds work for your dads heart!

for a different kind of girl said...

I bet for a good cause, Taye could be persuaded. I'd start to feel guilty, though, looking at his abs while I sat on the couch and just wrote and he was probably doing crunches or something.

I'd likely get over it, though. Or write every day "you'll never guess what Taye's doing now, y'all! Chin ups!"

I hope your dad's prognosis rectifies itself smoothly!

kimmyk said...

i think it's the weather really.
it's nasty out and stale...

it'll pass.

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