Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day

...of March Madness!

It's crazy - I don't like basketball, but when it comes to the NCAA finals, I just love it! Scott and I fill in our brackets and bet who will win. Of course it's not for anything serious, last year it was for a full body rub (which I still have not gotten from last year!).

Now I've already said that I don't like basketball so that makes picking the winners a bit difficult. But I have a fool-proof system:

1. I always pick any UC (University of California) team to go as far as possible
2. Then I pick any other California team to go as far as possible - until they run into a UC team
3. I always pick a northern California team to go farther than a southern California team (we northern Californians have a bit of a chip on our shoulder when it comes to southern California)
4. Then I pick any Michigan teams to go as far as possible - until they run into a California/UC team - in deference to my friends I route for State before UofM (but since UofM rarely makes it, it's never really been an issue).
5. After that I always pick one last seed to go kind of far
6. As far as the fillers go, I pick teams that I like the name of!

So not very scientific, but it works for me!

Here's your random factoid for the day:
1.2 billion - is the estimated dollar amount employers nationwide could lose in productivity during the NCAA men's basketball tournament, as employees direct their attention to filling out the perfect bracket. (thank you Real Simple)

(See I barely wasted anytime, not only do I have a perfect system, but it's sort of like pin the tail on the donkey, never really takes too long!)

Oh right, and happy first day of Spring!

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Just Laura said...

I love March Madness - although my UofA Wildcats just lost to West Virgia. ~bleh~

There's another reason I love March Madness but you'll have to read my blog to find out why =)

Lori said...

I'm not a fan of BB either, but I have a husband who is, he is a Notre Dame fan, so by default so am I.
I think I would pick my teams with a similar scientific strategy you have used. Must be a girl thing.

Scoobers said...

I don't know a thing about filling out brackets or seeds or anything. It all kind of baffles me each year but I do LOOOOOOOVE watching the games!

Catheroo said...

My picks are about as scientific as yours. But I must say that I do contribute to the 1.2 billion in productivity lost in March!

Unknown said...

I have a very basic knowledge of all things basketball, thanks to my 10 year old, who is a basketball freak, and watch games that he plays in. This narrows me to YMCA games in an elementary school gym most weekends! So my March Madness insight is limited; however, we had a local Cinderella team playing yesterday afternoon and we were on the couch screaming in delight and fear for them as they, sadly, wound out the season with a two point loss in overtime.

I could never muster up a decent bracket, but I do like your means of doing it!

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