Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Snow Freakin' White

Yep - that's me! Every morning I get up and feed our little zoo. Starting with the cats, then the dog and then finishing up with the birds and the squirrels.

I head out front with my mix of peanuts and sunflower seeds and toss it to my little crowd. It's a serious Disney moment, everyone gathers round - black and grey squirrels (we have both, and red ones periodically), blue jays and a wood pecker or two. They all wait at a safe distance and then hop in to chow down, though there are a few really brave ones that will get close to beg. In any case, it's one of my favorite times of the morning - Scott calls it my Snow White Moment.

I have a long history of feeding squirrels. Years ago I got my parents a squirrel feeder - and we'd put out apples, corn, fresh berries, nuts, even peanut butter. On our honeymoon Scott and I were walking through a park in London and we saw a guy feeding squirrels, he'd train them to come and climb up his pants (the outside of course) to get food. So Scott, being the good sport that he is, managed to get a few squirrels to climb him too. And of course we have two squirrel feeders in the yard, along with a number of bird feeders.

I will admit that feeding the squirrels has caused me some trouble. One time when I was feeding them peanut butter (at my parents house) one of the really brave ones came over and actually started eating off the spoon I was using to serve them. The brave squirrel was sort of holding onto my hand to get a better lick - and somehow I got bitten! It didn't hurt, but I had to go get a tetanus shot (I didn't really know that squirrels carried tetanus) - the worst part was the embarrassment I suffered at the hands of the doctor. She asked why I was in for a tetanus shot, I said I was bitten by a squirrel while I was feeding it. She started snickering and said that they usually only have to treat little old ladies for that!

I am a bit worried that Scott won't feed them while I'm gone - it drives him nuts (ha! no pun intended) that I feed the squirrels. He doesn't mind that I feed the birds so much, but the squirrels, well we'll just say he's not a fan (he says they are just rats with good PR).

Stalker Clock says 1 day, 11 hours, 59 minutes and 31 seconds - getting very excited, but I'm still not packed!

Current Music: The Sun is Shining - Bob Marley


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loved your 7 things list. I hear ya about the diet coke. I love it too. Have about 5 a day.

Too funny about the squirrels. there's this one crazy squirrel at this wildlife park/pretting zoo my son and i go to. this squirrel is effing nuts. (no pun intended). he chases us around every time we are there. scares the crap outtah me.

anyways, have fun wherever you are going! :)

Anonymous said...

Squirrels are so cute, that is until your cat drops one of their little headless bodies on your doorstep.....then not so much..

Anonymous said...

I will be honest with you.

One of the major reasons I dislike Rosie O' Donnell so much is that she makes not secret of the fact that she hates squirrels.

I do not understand how someone can hate squirrels, no matter how much bird food they steal.

Go Squirrels!

for a different kind of girl said...

My inlaws used to have a pair of squirrels that, I kid you not, would peer into the sliding glass door off their kitchen and see them sitting in their living room, so, if they wanted some saltines or such, they'd tap on the glass. I always thought they spoiled my kids too much, but then I realized what they were doing with the backyard animals and it all seemed to make sense!

Have a fabulous trip!!

Just Laura said...

Rats with good PR? Come on! Rats have those icky tails that seem to float behind the body - never really touchin the surface.

Tell Scott to look into their cute little furry face and he'll see the difference. Besides check out that cute piece of tail!

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