Sunday, November 25, 2007

And the Gross Goes On

Ok, just when you thought it was safe to go to the Tiki bar again! One of my friends that also gave out her business card got this email on Friday...

"How are you? This is ***** from the Tikki bar few days back. Just wanted to let you know, ***** and I had a very good time. You were all very mellow down to earth...solid people. Hopefully we can do it again (I think we are going there tonight actually)."

The good news is that this guy was one of the single guys, the bad news is that she was one of the married girls (the even worse news is that he was one of the least attractive of the bunch).

Apparently we won't be frequenting the Forbidden Island for a while.

Current Music: Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance


Lori said...

Maybe next time your tempted to give out your # you should give this one out instead. 310-495-5412its a you have been rejected message, call it, it's quite funny.

Scoobers said...

eek. and the saga continues.
i hate when you feel like you can't answer your phone anymore and you want to beat yourself in the head with it for giving your number out in the first place.

i'm totally going to use that.

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