Saturday, November 03, 2007

Good News - For Real, Well...

Dad's going home from the hospital! He's not better, but he's better enough to go home. His blood pressure is still low, and they're still messing with his medication, and he has to go back for another biopsy on Tuesday. So he's not out of the woods yet -but he's going home.

Oh, did I mention that he's going home (insert goofy grin here)!

It is good news, but I know other news is lurking around the corner (good or bad we don't know yet).

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kimmyk said...

good news indeed.

i hate hospitals-they never let you sleep-and rest is what your body needs especially after such a surgery.
i hope he does well at home and the biopsy goes well tuesday.

Scoobers said...

well enough to leave the hospital is great news. i hope everything comes out ok with the biopsy.

prayers your way.

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