Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Hood

I do "Hella love Oakland" - it's my hood! Born and Raised (I'd do that gangsta chest thumping thing, but you can't see it so just pretend)!

Now you would think that being from Oak-town would give me some serious street cred, but no, the Oakland hills are not the mean streets. Though I have seen some raised eye-brows when I tell people that I'm from Oakland.

I never really liked it much growing up (always wished I was from somewhere cooler), but since moving away I've found that it has it's charms. Here are just a couple really great things about Oakland:

  • It's in a good central position in the the Bay Area (so you can get everywhere easily).
  • The real estate prices are still slightly lower than San Francisco or the Peninsula
  • There are great views to be had when you go up in the hills and look out on the bay
  • There are great little neighborhoods that make it feel like your not living in a big city, but you have all the conveniences of living in a big city
I'm sure there are tons more - but having been away so long, I'm not always up to date on all the cool things. But I am really looking forward to catching up on a few of them!

Thanks to Leah for finding this - she loves Oakland too!

BTW - I am so getting a tee while I'm home - you want one? Get them here or here.

Stalker Clock says just 1 day, 1 hour, 23 minutes and 42 seconds till I'm home!!!

Current Music: Homebird - Foy Vance

P.S. For all of you in search of my new fab mascara it's just the new Maybelline Define-A-Lash. I tried a bunch of expensive ones and they run, plus I'm a sucker for anything in such a great shade of green! It's got a REALLY strange brush (think plastic velcro caterpillar) but damned if it doesn't work!


Just Laura said...

I have only used Oakland as a pass thru from the train station to SF or from Alameda to SF. I had a friend whose husband was in the Coast Guard and they lived in base housing on Alameda.

I'll have to check it out a little further next time I go. I will rely upon you to keep me out of the really "lovely" areas.

Scoobers said...

Hella. I remember when Jenni first moved to the Bay area and the letters I received from her had hella-this and hella-that. Too funny.

I'll try anything to have lashes that look like Christie Turlington's. I recently switched back to the old Pink and Green tube I used to buy in high school. It's simply the best.

for a different kind of girl said...

Lately I've been on a major kick with the word "hella." I say it a hella lot. About a hella lot of nothing. I think it sounds hella cool, but I wonder if I'm pissing the hella out of people when I say it.

Anyway, I didn't realize it was a regional thing!

I'm jotting the mascara thing down. I have tubes and tubes of Great Lash and I hate it.

Anonymous said...

I have thus far managed not to have 'hella' become a part of my regular vocabulary, though I have been known to use it ironically.

However, I cannot stop calling people 'Dude'.

I have been known to have conversations with my teenagers that consist of nothing but the word 'dude' on both sides.


kimmyk said...

that mascara, does it wash off in the shower or do you gotta apply paste remover to the lashes to get it to come off?

i hope you have a good time when you go home.

Anonymous said...

alright then with your oak-town self :-)

enjoy your trip home and can't wait to see your t-shirt!

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