Wednesday, November 28, 2007

100th Post...

... was actually a while ago. I had most of it typed up and ready to go, but I was in California and didn't have easy access to a computer and a bunch of other excuses. Anyway here it is, the much awaited One Hundred (and twelfth) post.

I guess I should thank NaBloPoMo - it would have taken a lot longer to get to the magical 100 if I hadn't. But come to think of it, I'm not so sure what's so spiffy about the 100th post. Does it make you a real blogger? Is it a rite of passage? Do I get a prize?

Anyway, way back when Scoobers did her 100th, I told her I was going to steal her idea for 100 Things About Me, so here it goes...

1. I am a kitchen designer

2. I graduated with a degree in Psychology, but I went back to school for a degree in Interior Design

3. My first car was a Mazda 323 and I cried when I sold it

4. I have know Scott since I was nineteen

5. I am a Pisces

6. In my family we are all twin signs, two Pisces and two Gemini

7. I was born in the Year of the Rat

8. George is the sixth Airedale I've had, but the first that wasn't a "family" dog

9. I stared First Grade early, so I was a year younger than all my classmates

10. I failed my first driving test

11. I am a scrapbooker

12. I can be very creative, but rarely have the opportunity

13. I think my feet are seriously ugly

14. Because I think my feet are ugly, I keep my toenails painted almost all the time

15. I have a stuffed animal that I've had since I was 10 - and sometimes (when I've had an incredibly bad day) I will sleep with him

16. I feel exceptionally lost without my cell phone

17. My first job was busing tables at a local restaurant

18. I have two bad knees, but not bad enough to operate on

19. I play too much computer solitaire

20. There are days when I miss my two cats that died so much that it hurts

21. I watch way too much TV

22. I'm addicted to the music on Grey's Anatomy

23. I was born and raised in Oakland, California (but you already knew that)

24. I use the snooze button way too much

25. I'm better at reading and writing than math

26. I never really wore flip-flops until I moved to Michigan and had to deal with very hot summers

27. I have a minor shoe addiction, but my lack of money helps me keep it in check

28. I've always wanted to have a funny nickname (besides the crappy ones that my family call me)

29. Some of the crappy nicknames my family call me are: Man, Manny, Meanie, and Wiz

30. My Dad has always called me Pooh Bear (sometimes it's Pooh-Ba-Looh) and I actually like that one.

31. I still watch cartoons

32. I dislike being cold

33. I can't sleep if my feet are too hot or too cold

34. I love yellow sports cars - but it has to be the right type of yellow

35. I was once a dog person, I have since turned into a cat person (though I do love my dog)

36. I would love to live abroad

37. I prefer to have some type of background noise (radio, tv, etc.) - especially when I'm home by myself

38. I want to be cremated

39. Brownies are probably my favorite dessert

40. I love what I do, but I don't always love my job

41. I have been (and still am) a registered Girl Scout since I was four

42. I have a pretty good collection of Barbie Dolls

43. I am a licenced Optician

44. I had to rent the largest Penske truck when we moved across the country

45. I played the flute for nine years

46. I am addicted to diet coke, but in a good non-12 step kind of way

47. I am allergic to fresh pineapple, which is sad cause I really love it

48. I am allergic to most furry animals (including horses), but I have pets anyway

49. I love listening to opera on rainy days

50. I have been to 19 of the United States

51. I have one brother-in-law and one sister-in-law, but no parent in-laws

52. I've been to most of western Europe

53. I only knew one pair of my grandparents

54. I don't like to camp, but I have and probably will again

55. I got laid off from a software company when the dot com bubble was bursting

56. Then I took an eight week cooking class

57. I am seriously afraid of snakes and spiders

58. I am overcoming my fear of spiders because they're everywhere in Michigan - all summer long

59. I am fairly computer savvy

60. Most people would consider me an Extrovert, rather than an Introvert

61. I really am an Introvert, but being an extrovert is part of my job

62. Scott is my best friend

63. I do counted cross-stitch and am not 100 years old

64. I have made a couple of quilts, but am not much of a quilter

65. I have a weakness for gummy frogs

66. I have one sister

67. I am the oldest child in our family

68. I have a bunch of typical "first-born" traits

69. I have three cats

70. I was in a sorority in college

71. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz

72. I went to a Catholic high school, but not because I'm Catholic

73. I prefer baking to cooking

74. My cell phone ring is "Barbie Girl"

75. I do not have a good face for hats

76. I hate cleaning house

77. I also dislike laundry, not doing it so much as folding it

78. I love new books

79. I've been to three Barenaked Ladies concerts

80. I have a ton of lipsticks and glosses but rarely wear any of them

81. I like making Christmas cookies, but rarely do it

82. I like traveling for business, when I used to do it

83. I used to work in the dot com industry

84. I have to read at night to fall asleep

85. I fall asleep better if I'm in bed alone, but I sleep better with someone in the bed

86. I really loved the Harry Potter series and cried when I finished the last book

87. I lived on a sail boat for 4 years

88. I dislike drinking water

89. I love getting mail (but not bills), email counts

90. I love going through open homes or model homes

91. I like to turn the music up really loud and dance around the house

92. I get flushed and blotchy when I get mad, stressed or drink too much

93. My Grandmother and I used to dance all the time - and it's something I miss all the time

94. I would love to work for the World Wildlife Federation or something like that

95. The last time I balanced my check book was at least 15 years ago

96. My ideal life would be working full time, but having two months vacation

97. There are very few sports I like to play or watch

98. When ever I've had a really bad day I like to curl up in bed and watch Mary Poppins

99. I don't really like coffee

100. I changed my middle name to my maiden name when I got married

Current Music: A Little Less Conversation - Elvis


Just Laura said...

I absolutely love Airdales!! Didn't realize you had one? Are they good dogs, friendly, trainable, do they shed? sorry... I have always wanted one. Do I want to know why one of your nick names is Wiz?

If you could get a prize for the 100th blog... what do you think it would be?

Scoobers said...

Congrats on your 112th post :)
Nablopomo...2 mo! yay!

My 85 is the exact opposite of yours.
Balancing a checkbook? What's that?

(just fyi... i stole the 100things idea from many. i thought it was a blogging tradition :)

kimmyk said...

Okay where to start...

Very cool you are a licensed Optician.

How did you live on a sailboat for 4 years...where were you? How cool is that. I'd get sick though..rockin' around.

Number 95? Me too!!! Can't remember when the last time was. LOL!

Very cool post. Glad to know more aboutcha!

Anonymous said...

oh, girl. how can you not like coffee!

and i am so into the Grey's soundtrack too. I love that music. makes me all weepy and stuff. and it's on tonite! woohooooooo!!

Great list!!

Lori said...

Congrats on your 100th post, I told scoobers I was going to steal her idea too, I have about 25 or so more posts to go before my turn.
So is kitchen design your thing, or just another job before you figure our what your going to be when you grow up. You've had quite the variety of jobs. When we remodelled our house a year ago I got to design my kitchen and my minibar in the basement and it was so fun, I loved my kitchen designers, they were great, I remember thinking what a fun job that would be.

Living on a sailboat for 4 years sounds so cool, when and where, you should post about that more, I think all your readers are curious.

I too am addicted to diet coke, I don't like my feet, but I've gotten over it and now flip flops are my staple shoe for summer (I think I have 20 pairs)

Gummy frogs?? I've never seen them, but have you tried chocolate covered gummy bears? They are the best.

About the not balancing your check book, I think there are a lot of people that don't. I haven't done it since I was 16 and only started doing it then because I bounced 15 checks in one week. OOPS! I don't anymore, and haven't for years. (bounce checks or balance my checkbook)

And I just ate a whole pineapple hoping it would send me into labor. I don't think it's going to work, and now I never want to eat pineapple again.

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