Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Creepy-Gross Stalker moment!

Wait, let me set the story up right...

Friday night was our Girl's Night Out. As seen in the picture, there was a fair amount of drinking involved. We started off with dinner and Mojitos then we walked to a really fun (and very busy) tiki bar for the rest of the evening. We were into our first round of cute umbrella drinks when we finally managed to get a table. The table happened to be on a long bench, and there were other tables along the bench - we had been hoping for a booth, but on a Friday night you take what you can get.

A couple of guys were sitting at the next table over, so we stuck the single girl on the end (the rest of us are married so we sacrificed her!). As the evening wore on, they joined our party - it was fine, they were fun enough and a couple of them were single, we were all feeling no pain and enjoying the evening. Later in the evening the married guy starts hitting on me a bit - nothing I couldn't handle, but eew! I mean I'm married, he's married and he wasn't even close to cute enough to get over either of those hurdles. So I head out side for a bit, try to get a little fresh air and get away from him - and end up getting hit on by the bouncer! At that point I went back in and kicked my sister out of her seat so I wouldn't have to fend off the creepy married guy or the bouncer for the rest evening.

Not long after, (around 1 am) we called my brother-in-law to pick us up, it was getting late and all the drunk guys were getting a little hand-sy. As we're leaving, all the guys were asking us to stay and for our numbers - so I gave one of them my card. I figured, I'd be home in Michigan before any of them realized that I didn't live in the state!

So here's the creepy-gross part - I get in to the office this morning and my boss says there was a message for me from a name he didn't recognize (we both work with most of the clients here - so he usually knows the names). After staring at the name and number for a bit - I realize that it's the creepy married guy calling me!!! Yuck! Not only did he take my business card from his cuter single friend, but he actually called me here.

Feeling all kinds of gross now - I'm heading home to take a shower.

Special Musical Treat: (cause it's just sooooo very appropriate!):


Just Laura said...

Love the song! Very appropriate for the inappropriate attention being paid by a slimy, pushy married guy. Ewwwwww!

For whatever reason those kind of nights (and guys) come around every so often.

Very creepy!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could have his phone calls go to a machine playing that song for him?

I love that song. I think I'm going to start talking like that. Sure, I'm in Texas, so people will look at me like I'm stupid, but I'm ok with that.

Lori said...

Oh, the creapy bar guys I have not missed these past nine months, but the girls nights out I miss so much. Being pregnant really puts a damper on your social life. Luckily I'm almost done!

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