Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I know that you are intrigued by me, so I thought I'd give you just another little tidbit of info about me ('cause you know, I never share!).

My real name is:

Marchioness Mandy Lou the Lush of London by the Bow

Now you all can just call me Mandy Lou, it's all right, we're all friends here - but if you met me on the street it's best to use my full title.

If you want to find your true title, you can find it here.

Current Music: London Bridge - Fergie

(I sooooo need to have November be over!)


Just Laura said...

Okay Marchioness - Relief is in sight, November is almost over. Can you see the light? Follow it. No! Don't follow the light!

Haven't been around much, out of town, Jerry came home for Thanksgiving so the weekend was full. Will blog soon!

Duchess Laura

Scoobers said...

You always have the funniest meme's. My title is:

Milady the Most Honourable Katherine the Paragon of Under Yockenthwaite

or MMHKPUY (pronounced Mahakpooie) for short

Anonymous said...

Ha! you are a riot. so i take it you are doing that blog everyday thing in november?
i did your name game-i'm reverend lady katie of some bloody lagoon or something like that.
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Mandy Lou! :)

for a different kind of girl said...

I almost think my blog name is enough of a mouthful without adding the regalness to it! Ha!

I will totally bow to you, though, if we cross each other on the streets!

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