Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Litlle Bit of Everything

Ok, if I could just start with a bit of a rant. I would like to know why I am expected to come home from work and make dinner ever night, but somehow Scott doesn't have to do dishes every night? I came home to three days worth of dishes in the sink - I couldn't even make dinner because I didn't have any clean pans! And I really hate having dirty dishes in the sink. He gets all pissy and surly if I don't make dinner in a (which is a whole other topic) and yet can't manage to find time to do the freakin' dishes!

Ok, I'm better now. On to the Q&A - obviously I was a bit too vague with the 100 things, and inquiring minds want to know. So here's more detail for y'all:

George is an insane beast, but she should mellow with age. They don't shed much, but they do have a wiry coat - they don't have a soft coat. Take a peek at the post I did for her b-day - it becomes clearer!

The reason that my Mom calls me "Wiz" isn't for the obvious reason - at the time I had a necklace with a wizard charm, and I was kind of into the whole unicorn thing. So she called me Wizzer or Wizzy or Wiz.

Not sure what I would pick for a prize, but wouldn't it be funny if it was a paper thing?!

The sailboat was moored in a marina that was way out of the way and in a no wake zone so there wasn't much rocking. Periodically there would be someone in a power boat being a jackass, but mostly it was smooth. The bigger problem was storage - boats are not big places!

We kept the boat in Redwood City, CA, where the weather is much more temperate. It's not like back here where you have to pull the boat out of the water in winter.

I'd love to like coffee - I love girly coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos and I love the smell of coffee, but I just don't like plain coffee.

Did you know that the Grey's website has a whole music listing by episode? Oh yeah, I am that addicted! I check out the songs then down load them - it's awesome!

Scoobers and KimmyK
Glad to hear that others don't do the checkbook thing! I felt like a bit of a looser writing that, but I'm feeling better now :-)

Ok that answers everything I think!

Also, an update on the wine thing, I met with the guy and I may do it! The deal is this, they need someone to do wine presentations in the restaurant. That means bringing the wine to the table, opening it, etc. Also talking to people about the wines or helping them pick up the right wine to go with their entrees. So it sounds interesting - it would only be weekends, so maybe it'll be cool. Anyway - I'm meeting him again on Monday, so I'll no more then.

Just one more day to go - take that NaBloPoMo!!!

Current Music: Happy Endings - The All-American Rejects


Lori said...

I guess I should have read this post before I commented on your 100th post, I'm a little behind.

The wine thing sounds fun, but do you really want to work all week and then do that on the weekends?

Scoobers said...

i read the post about your dog. he's very cute btw.
terriers are energetic and feisty. Sharpshire Terriers (aka pit bulls, aka dookie) are no exception.

p.s. that is how i refer to her when strangers ask what kind of dog she is :)

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