Friday, June 06, 2008

Silver Lining

In the spirit of my new improved attitude (and a lot of caffeine), here's the brighter side of me today...

    It's hotter than Hades today - bright side, I get to wear my cute skirt that makes me feel all Audry Hepburn-y along with my sassy silver flats (also very Audrey Hepburn, well maybe not the silver part).

    I am a seriously white individual - bright side, say it with me "Self-Tanning Lotion".

    The self-tanning lotion that was supposed to be streak free left a big fat streak on the top of my foot - bright side, my one foot looks very defined. Can a foot looked "ripped" - cause mine kinda does.

    Less than a half an hour before I have to head off to the restaurant to work - bright side, tips, hopefully they will be good. Another bright side is the thought of a cold beer in the bar at the end of the night, I do love that part of the restaurant thing.

    It's going to be hot and ridiculously humid all weekend long - bright side, Scott got the AC up and running today, so my plan for being unproductive just got a lot cooler.

    Just got off the phone with Scott, child #1 is having a melt down - bright side, I'm not the one that has to deal with it :-)!!!! I was nice enough, however, to call their aunt and let them know that she might be cruising into a "Perfect Storm".

Oh and I'm super excited to got to see SATC tomorrow night with a bunch of gal pals - as long as I don't have to work. Guess there's no real bright side to that one, but pretty excited anyway.

Current Music: On the Sunny Side of the Street - Billie Holiday


for a different kind of girl said...

Yeah for bright sides. As I survey the mess around me, I'm struggling for one. Ok, let me try. House going to hell in a handbasket around me - bright side - if I can get most of it done tonight, I can sit in the breeze and finish my book during a peaceful time in the afternoon tomorrow.

Not so tough. Now...the getting started part...

I hope you love SATC!! Let me know what you thought!

Nilsa S. said...

Great post! Another blogger did "5 Good Things" today ... because she claims even when you're feeling blah, you should be able to come up with at least 5 good things in your life. Clearly you did! Yeah!

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