Sunday, June 22, 2008


I had to work both Friday and Saturday nights at the restaurant, I always work when there's a show. Normally I would say that it sucks - but not in this case, because this weekend's show was the John Corbett Band! It's always a lot more fun to work when the show is good. But wait, it gets better..

The shows ran so long that we were allowed to slip into the theater and watch (service in the restaurant was done and the bar was stocked and ready for the after-show party) - not just listen in the bar (with a wall in between). Then, once the show was out the band came in to hang out in the bar. Sadly I had to serve drinks all night, but I got to make sure that all the band members had drinks. I didn't get tipped in cash, but I did get tipped with a cheek kiss and a little snuggely hug - AWESOME!

Oh yeah - I got that tip two nights in a row, he is nothing if not consistent (oh and cute, and tall and pretty yummy).

In other news:
- The concert was really good - he's not just a pretty face.
- You might think that standing back stage and looking at his "good side" is great, and it is!
- There was a big down side - I worked till 2:30am both nights and am currently working on about hours of sleep in 48 hours.
- The vacation has arrived and I am in PA - getting ready to do the history thing with Mom and Scott (thank goodness for wi-fi at this hotel - take that NaBloPoMo).

More on the "vacation" later...


for a different kind of girl said...

He's a hunk of hotness, isn't he?!

Plus, sigh...I get all "Oooo...dreamy, dreamy Aidan..." when I hear his name! Not a bad tip you got there!

Enjoy your trip! Yeah for wi fi!

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of the two of you. He looks even hotter than on screen.

Lori said...

Lucky you, even had your camera with you just in case huh?
He is a hottie, I have to admit though, I didn't know he had a band. I just knew him from Sex in the city and MBFGW. So his music is good?

Have a great trip.

Nilsa S. said...

Sounds like a great way to kick off your vacation week!

kimmyk said...

he's a cutie that's for sure!
he looks like your average kind of guy doesn't he?
i like guys like that.

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