Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nobody Home

Such a useful expression - and so very accurate. Now, most of the time I use it figuratively, but this week it's very real. That's right, nobody is at my home (oh wait, there are three attack cats and a viscous guard dog, so even though we're not there it's very well protected). We've left the peace and quiet of our little house for a bigger one, filled with two kids and a geriatric dog. I now have a new appreciation for the expression "There's no place like home".

I'm not saying that the house swap isn't nice - the kitchen is bigger than my bedroom, there's a huge shower and a great hot tub - what's not to like?! Oh that's right, the house comes with the aforementioned children.

How, you ask, did we end up with kids all of a sudden? Well, a couple of months ago our good friends asked us if we would take care of their kids so that they could go on a romantic vacation to the south of France. We, being the childless idiots that we are, said no problem (as I said yesterday, we didn't think it would be that tough)! Needless to say if our dear friends, whom we love very much and would do almost anything for, ask us to do this again we will laugh and laugh and then say no.

Every night after dinner and homework are done I've been running home to my little empty house - to feed the animals and take the dog for a walk. The quiet is astonishing. And as I lock up the house to head back to the madness I realize that I can hardly wait to get back home the next day. Dorothy was so very right!

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for a different kind of girl said...

The kids are the true glitch in your housesitting plans! Some days, I would say a prayer of thanks when the kids would say they had no homework. That stuff would exhaust me!

I wish you luck!

Lori said...

I hope your friends bring you back something really nice from France.

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