Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh, Now I Remember

Years and years ago we were in Club Med and one of the ladies there was vacationing without her husband or kids. According to her, it's what they did. One family vacation then one vacation for him and one for her.

And my parents don't travel together, not because they are divorced (even though they should be) but because they don't travel well together. So they choose to travel separately - which is why Mom is here now and Dad is home.

Every time we travel together I remember that I hate traveling with Scott. He gets pissy if I want to do something that he doesn't, he hates it when I want to stop to take a picture, and he completely comes unhinged if we get stuck in traffic/lost/or are the victim of bad directions (the internet kind - don't start thinking that he actually stops to ask for directions). And don't even get me started on plane travel (the only bright side of that is that it's mercifully short).

Oh sure, the vacation sex is always fun; and once we get to a destination or get done doing something I want to do his mood improves. But the traveling part kind of sucks.

Someone please remind me of that the next time I say I'm thinking about a vacation!


kimmyk said...

jamie hates to stop places but he's being better now since i take my camera everywhere for the most part. but yeah, i getcha. i wanna get to that point in my relationship where i take a seperate vacation. i've heard about people who do that-totally get it now.

vacation sex does rock though.

Nilsa S. said...

I think you learn SO MUCH about a person by traveling with them. Put a person in a stressful situation and their true colors shine through. I remember when three girlfriends and I traveled to Europe years ago. Three of us no longer talk to the fourth due to her behavior. I kid you not. And Sweets? Normally, the nicest guy in the world. Put him behind the wheel of any vehicle and he becomes the biggest asshole out there. It's the one time when I just want to yell at him to calm the f--- down. hahaha.

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