Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Or perhaps the lack there of... My house is a complete mess and my mother is arriving on Sunday. The good news is that we are picking her up at the airport and hitting the road for our trip to PA, so technically she won't be seeing our house till the following Friday - but it still needs to be cleaned before we leave to go get her.

That means that between now and Sunday at 7am I need to:
wash down the kitchen cabinets
clean the kitchen counters
excavate the mess on the dinning room table
clean both bathrooms
napalm the shower (I'm not sure there's anything else that will clean it)
do a bunch of laundry (all the guest sheets and towels apparently became a cat bed)
sweep and mop all the floors

oh, and pack

And that's just at home, I still have to get the dog to the kennel, pick up the rental car (I'm not putting all those miles on my little car) and get everything at work ready for my absence. And I haven't even started thinking about how I'm going to deal with NaBloPoMo while I'm gone - I think you should prepare yourselves for short mobile phone posts. Oh, and I'm working at the restaurant Friday and Saturday night. I'm tired just thinking about it all.

You may ask how many things on this list Scott is taking care of, the answer my friends is probably one - vacuuming. Somehow the interior of our home is my domain, while he takes care of the outside (and when I say outside I mean lawn, not garden - that's my problem too). That's right I'm going to take care of that big ass list of things to do and he's going to sit on his riding mower for an hour or two - totally seems fair.

Every once and a while I wonder what it would be like to have a husband that actually helped out - but then it makes me wonder how many of them actually exist (and aren't secretly gay). Maybe one of these days I'll realize that the fairy tales don't really come true and get back to doing the laundry.

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for a different kind of girl said...

A couple years ago, after fighting with a perfectionism trait that still rears its head from time to time, I just started "asking" my husband to do things. And not so much asking, but pretty much phrasing the request as a friendly order. Then (and what can be the toughest part from time to time) I thanked him for his work. It's not always easy, and it's not always done how I would do it, but lately, I've had to just count to 10 and take it or else I'd kill myself trying to get through a day sometimes!

Nilsa S. said...

Well, I won't tell you that my fiance is that guy who would help out. Though, when we were merely dating, he'd do stuff just because. And now, I have to ask him to do the same stuff. Does that mean when we get married, he just won't do stuff at all (I sense the downward trend!).

Anyway, I've always said the week before a vacation is always the worst week ever. Thankfully, you have some time off to recoup.

kimmyk said...

i've been seriously thinking of going on strike.

i'm serious. you with me?

no housework, no nothin. just blogging. that'll curb your nano blogo whatever you call it. right?

Lori said...

Okay, I'm reading your posts in reverse order of how they were written because I am a bit behind on your blog. So disregard my post about men not being totally at fault. After reading this post, I am reminded that my husband is the exact same way, he will not do dishes, laundry, sweep or anything of the sort, and he pays someone to mow our lawn! He claims he is too busy, which I will give him that in the summer, but all winter when he is unemployed, he still doesn't help out with the housekeeping.
I hope it gives you comfort knowing your not alone.

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