Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Now?

Right, so many of you know about my bad bangs. If you're new to the Mandy Lou show and you need to know more about the bad bangs saga, you can find more here, here and here, oh and here - apparently I am that shallow.

Yet again I got them cut, because I am not only shallow, I am dumb - and this time it was really, really bad. So I tried to fix them and, well, let's just say that I didn't make them any better. Now they are freakishly spiky and blunt at the same time - how does that happen? Oh, right, you cut your own bangs, that's how.

What's the point you ask? The point is this, in just over two weeks I have to be perfect. I have to be amazing. I need to look H-O-T, hot. In just over two weeks I am going to a mini college reunion - I'm seeing old college roommates, one and possibly two exes.

Here's what they looked like on New Years (good times, bad bangs).

Now tell me, if the hair needs to be perfect and the bangs are currently pretty damn bad. Do I get them trimmed? Or should I let them grow out as much as possible in the next two weeks?

Who knew that three inches of hair on the front of my head could cause so much drama (on the up side, they apparently give me lots of opportunity to blog)!?

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for a different kind of girl said...


As one who needs her bangs trimmed now, I'd say go talk to your stylist and see what they say. Maybe they can mend them into something fantastic and leave those one, possibly two exes doing double-takes!

Hotch Potchery said...

As someone who has no hairdo, and has gotten her hair cut twice since I lived in Alabama (4 years), I have no advice, and if I did, you should NOT take it.

However, I commisserate on two weeks until ex-sightings. HOTT it must be.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Well, from what I can see over here, who cares about the bangs when you've got that smoking hot body to show off? Seriously, wear something to show off the body and the ex's won't even notice your hair!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Option 2 - Find a kick-ass hat to go with that smoking outfit and again, the bangs are a non-issue!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nilsa...wear the right outfit and the guys won't notice your hair.

Lori said...

I say let em grow, bangs always look best the first week you cut them before they start growing all funny. So long as your hairdresser is reliable to cut them properly.
But really I agree with the others, if everything else about you is hot, hot, hot, the bangs wont even be noticed.

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