Friday, January 30, 2009

Help Me....

Apparently the "Happiest Place on Earth" actually means the loudest, whiniest, kid-clogged, long lines ever. I'd forgotten that Disney land was so "magical"!

More later, must sleep now.


kimmyk said...

enjoy the weather if not anything else!

and say hey to belle...she was always my favorite!

kimmyk said...

i just want you to know that it's been a year or maybe a year and a half since i said this but i got bangs today.


i'm forty one years old. and i get bangs cut back into my hair.

she cut off 7 inches for the bangs.

BANGS!!! and and...she said how about here (and pulled it down to the end of my nose) and i'm all no, how about here (and pointed to the bridge of my nose) and she goes okay and snip they were gone. i forgot to take into account i have naturally curly hair and zoinks! curl curl curl. now they're not even long enough to touch my eyebrows.

stop laughing at me!!!!!

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