Monday, January 19, 2009

What's Your Number?

Do you watch Coupling (if not, really you should be - but not the American version, the real one)? There's this scene in one of the episodes where all the girls (Susan, Sally and Jane) are talking about who was in each others speed dial. The best part comes when one of the girls asks Jane who her number one speed dial was and she said "I don't know, I haven't met them yet".

It got me thinking about my speed dial situation. Number one is voice mail - which annoys me, I'm a gown up (mostly) and I think that I can decide who my number one is. Number two is Scott and number three is my sister. But really, even with the Verizon enforced number one selection, those first three really are my most dialed numbers.

Here's the problem. I haven't taken my Dad off of my speed dial - he's number four (heck some days I called him more than Scott and my sister combined - which means I probably should have mad him number 5, since 2+3=5). Somehow I can't manage to take it off. I know that if I should accidentally click on the number it's not going to go anywhere. I know that it's going to bring up a picture of him on the screen, and probably make me cry - but I really can't manage to take him off my phone.

Part of me thinks it's ok to leave it - my brain knows not to dial 4 (most of the time), it knows that other keys lead to the people that I can actually talk to. And what if I change it and start dialing all the wrong people - think I'm call up my sister at midnight here/9pm there and accidentally call my boss? It could be speed dial anarchy - and no one wants that.

But then I think, maybe it's time for a change, shake things up a bit - maybe bump Scott down a number or two, perhaps I should put my good friend that I never call enough higher up. And maybe I should leave a few open, what I haven't met my number one or at least my new number four?

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Hotch Potchery said...

When we got the iPhones in October and I was tranferring my numbers, I froze when I got to "Gram & Pop". They both passed away in 2006, and I couldn't take them out. I didn't add them to my new phone and felt like shit.

I guess I found their number comforting even though I knew they weren't there anymore.

Rearranging speed dial? Very brave!!

Anonymous said...

I never really use speed dial - I don't even use my phone often, to be honest. It can be such a burden at times!

I don't think, you should take off your day from yours. It's okay to keep him there, if you feel better about it. :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Wow, this is an interesting dilemma. I don't do speed dial (and I don't really know why). But, your speed dial situation kind of reminds me of wedding bands. My grandmother wore her wedding band and engagement ring for years after my grandfather's death. My admin wore her rings for at least a year, if not more, after her husband passed. I think it's a natural part of closure and saying goodbye and I don't think there's any amount of time that's the right amount of time. It's totally up to you. So, if you want to keep your dad's number in your phone, that's totally allowed. If you want to shake up the numbers, do it. Whatever feels right to you.

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