Monday, October 29, 2007

Nice Weekend

The weekend was good. I got most of my check list items done, the anticipated hangover wasn't too bad, but I still didn't do much on Sunday. I got most of the Halloween decorations up - but didn't get out for any "Leaf Peepeing" unless you count raking the leaves off the porch!

I did manage to keep my worries at bay most of the weekend until I watched this weeks Grey's Anatomy, which featured a Dad that needed a transplant - ah there went the waterworks! But again, all things considered - a good weekend.

On the dad update front, the bad news is that he's still in ICU, the rejection is still quite high, so they are keeping him until it's under control. The good news is pretty good - there is no scarring on the heart, so his heart function should return, they are currently carpet-bombing his immune system to get the rejection under control and they should see results as early as tonight, and the surgical team from Stanford Surgical Team (they did the transplant) is now working on the case as well as his regular Cardiology team - so I'm feeling very good about his prospects.

Armed with a bit of good news I'm trying my damnedest to enjoy my Monday - it's a beautiful fall day and I'm thinking about skating out early to take the dog for a walk (how perky am I?).

Current Music: Hotel Song - Regina Spektor


Anonymous said...

i'll keep a good thought for your dad .

hope you got to skate out early today :-)

Scoobers said...

still saying some prayers for your dad. he's in good hands.

enjoy your monday (and tuesday) leaf peeping : )

kimmyk said...

Thanks for the update on your dad. I hope he continues to improve and there is no rejection. Scary I'm sure, but keep your chin up!

I am so not raking leaves until my tree is bare. I hate when I rake it and then I come outside the next day-and boom! Full yard again. But I enjoyed doing it when my kids were little-it was fun to watch them play in the leaves.

for a different kind of girl said...

Just getting a chance to stop by here and catch up. I hope your dad is fighting hard! Many good thoughts going out to him!

I'm with kimmy - I wait until the trees are naked, and then kind of hope for some wind and then yeah, maybe the leaves end up in the neighbors yard.

Ok, no. I am not *that* kind of neighbor. But I do have a tendency to gripe with the neighbor kids ride their bikes thru my yard. So maybe I'm *sort* of that neighbor.

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