Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just when you thought...

Just when I thought it was safe to grow the evil bangs out - you go and give me three good hair days in a row. It's just not fair!

The burn has hardly healed, I had my decision made, and now I'm thinking about going to get the evil bangs trimmed, so I can keep them for a while. But if I get them trimmed they'll probably just go all "Peggy-Sue" on me again.

Well played bangs, well played...

Current Music: Message from Yuz - Switches

p.s. - I vowed not to have any pictures taken with the evil bangs, but it was a good hair day.


kimmyk said...

okay if thats your bangs that you're fussin' about..shaddup.

just shut it.

your hair is adorable. and yes i understand that you're having a good hair day today, but honestly you've got great hair...oh i can't even believe you'd fuss about those bangs. those are nice bangs.

rock the bangs i say.

Scoobers said...

i say... get em' trimmed.
they'll still grow, you'll still have bangs and you won't be sorry next time you put your foot down to grown them out.

kk is right though, cute hair!

for a different kind of girl said...

gorgeous! And I'm not saying that just because those are the kind of bangs my bangs try to be while they're sitting in the back of study hall, jealous of all the cool bangs!

That hairstyle is adorable! You look like you should be fashion modeling it!

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