Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Husband Training

Here's a question, when your husband (or significant other) does something helpful, but something you didn't want done, do you:

a) Yell at him for doing it.

b) Tell him that you didn't really want that done, but it was nice of him to think of it.

c) Thank him for helping out, then go back and fix it later when he's not looking.

I opted for a combination of a) and b), but perhaps that was the wrong answer. Thinking back to puppy kindergarten (oh yes, we had hoped for a well trained pooch), they said to praise the puppy when ever they did something good. So, does the same apply to men? Did I just screw up? Now is he going to pee on the rug next time I'm late getting home?

Current Music: The Truth About Men - Tracy Byrd


Scoobers said...

Mine's a carefully worded process...

I'd thank and show my appreciation and then find kind words to let him know he screwed up. Then thank again for the nice gesture and follow up with "But don't do it again, sweetie. Love you!"

Then, I'd grill up some steaks.

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