Friday, October 12, 2007


I decided to take a page out of Scoober's book and took a mental health day today, well part of Thursday too.

Thursday morning I just felt like I couldn't take any more of the office - I just needed to shut down and do nothing. So I took the afternoon and "worked from home", all things considered, I felt pretty good by Thursday night.

I wasn't exactly looking forward to work today, so when I woke up with some kind of pinched nerve in my shoulder - I took it as a sign, a sign to stay home (well, that and the fact that I couldn't really move when I wasn't connected to the heating pad!).

So one and a half days later and I'm a bit better rested, maybe ready for work again.

Current Music: All Good Things (Come to an End) - Nelly Furtado


Scoobers said...

An injury definitely deserves a day off... a PHD! I hope it heals on its own and doesn't require any intervention.

Enjoy your days!

kimmyk said...

agree with scoobers. definite day off indeed.

you're lucky where you work that you can take mental health days. i don't think i've ever worked anywhere like that.

hope you're feeling better.

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