Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My World is Crumbing

Eighteen years ago today the earth shook under my feet.

It started off like any other day - going to classes, watching Days of Our Lives, hanging out with friends, not doing homework - you know, normal Freshman year college stuff. After classes a couple of my roommates and I headed downtown to the mall.

At 5:04pm we heard a noise, and then the ground started moving like a bad fun house. Like good California kids, we ducked for cover, I decided to head for the doorway (it was once considered a very safe place in an earthquake). As I ran to the door the glass above me shattered, behind me I heard the ceiling collapsing over the cash register (where I had been standing only moments before).

A few moments later, as I stood shaking on the curb, my roommates and the staff in the store came out of the wrecked door. Down the street someone was screaming, car and building alarms were going off everywhere, on the corner people we gathering, staring, wondering. We could hear sirens in the distance, coming to help, coming to save the ones that were screaming.

Eventually the EMTs (or maybe they were firefighters, it's always been a bit hazy) released us to go back to our car and and return to school. Once we got back to campus, life as a college student began to return to normal.

Today the earth shook again, but only for me. I learned that my Dad has been re-admitted to the hospital, his new heart may be failing. Just one year and two days later and he may need another new heart.

"A muscle as small and as brainless as an apple
that holds the entire difference between this being
an ordinary day and a disaster."
— Ben Dolnick, Zoology

My recent mental state has been precarious at best, and talking to my Dad this morning, sent me right over the edge - I tried to go into work, but ended up crying at my desk. I gave up and ended up going home to collapse.

Hopefully by tomorrow the ground will be more stable.

Current Music: Explosions - The Mary Onettes


Scoobers said...

That quote is such truth.
I'm so sorry. I will say a prayer for your dad (and his heart).

kimmyk said...

i'm sorry about your dad-i'll say a prayer and hope that everything will turn out okay.

i don't remember this earthquake-sorry it still haunts you.

mother nature can be a cruel bitch sometimes.

keep us updated on your dad. take care of yourself...i'll be thinkin' aboutcha.

kimmyk said...

I'll have you know Miss Mandy Lou I went and got me some BANGS today.

Take that.

I'll maybe take a picture and show ya what they look like after I get it colored tomorrow. We're goin' wild girlie.

Still hanging in there? Keep your chin up. I'm thinkin' aboutcha.

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