Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tragedy and Thankfulness

I've been following the story of the plane crash in Lake Michigan, the plane was carrying a transplant team from U of M as well as donor organs. Obviously it's a horrible tragedy for those 6 families of those on board. But all I can think about is the people that were unable to receive new organs and their families.

I think about how our family all felt, waiting to hear about a donor for my dad. I remember sitting by the phone, on pins and needles - waiting to hear that the donor heart had arrived and that my dad was going into surgery. I can't imagine the devastation that the transplant patients and families are feeling right now - to find out that you've got a donor only to have an accident like this to happen.

It surprises me how frequently I'm overwhelmed by the feelings I have about my dad's recent heart transplant. Most of the time he's just my dad, I talk to him on the phone all the time - we talk about the weather, the dogs, what the rest of the family is up to - you name it we talk about it. I forget that it's my dad, but with a new heart, and that without that new heart I might not get to talk to him about all those inane things.

When something like this comes along I think "what would have happened if they hadn't found a donor?" Thankfully that wasn't the case, but it leaves me with chills at the prospect.

I guess when those moments happen I should just be thankful that they did find a donor and all is well - and I can have stupid conversations with my dad about the most recent Grey's Anatomy!

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