Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cleaning House

I was asked once, what my least favorite household chore was. At the time I said laundry, not doing it - folding it. I truly hate folding laundry.

But now that my house is a mess and I have my mother coming into town I realize I hate it all. It's amazing how gross toilets and showers get, not to mention the dust bunnies that gather everywhere. I could swear that I cleaned just about a week ago - and yet it's a mess again. I don't even have kids to blame the mess on!

Plus it's my mom, if it were my sister or my dad - no big deal. But for my mom I have to CLEAN. The only good news is that as she gets older she doesn't have that same eagle eye she once had. But it still means wiping down all the kitchen cabinets, dusting every possible surface, the list goes on...

So my night is going to be spent fuming over having to clean, sneezing, sweating and generally being miserable so that my house can look spotless for my mother's arrival. Wish I had some laundry fold instead!

Current Music: Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston


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