Friday, June 15, 2007


Very excited today! We're going to see Barenaked Ladies tonight!

I'm not a freaky-super-fan, but I do love those guys. And I love the thought that Scott and I will pile into the car with J&M and head out to spend an evening drunkenly dancing under the stars. As an adult you just don't get enough chances to do that with out ramifications. Most of my time is spent running from work to home (where more work awaits me) - so the thought of letting loose is never really one that I can entertain.

Not that we don't have fun on the weekends, and with summer on the way there are fun days ahead. Maybe this evening is a kick-off of sorts - a beginning to the summer, maybe that's why I'm so looking forward to it? Perhaps I'm getting a bit too deep - probably best to just be shallow and have fun!

Woo hoo - here's to getting drunk and dancing around like an idiot under the stars!!!!!

Addendum: I should mention, it's my parents 39th wedding anniversary today, as well as their dog's 12th birthday today. So cheers Mom and Dad - way to not kill each other after all these years - and Happy Birthday Sassy!

Current Music: Be My Yoko Ono - Barenaked Ladies (getting ready!)


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