Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sad, sad, sad...

I am pitiful! For some insane reason I want another cat! I don't know why, just seems like a good idea. Scott is against it, of course, as are all the other cats I'm sure (though I think I've got the dog on my side) - but I want one none the less.

I want an orange tabby (or maybe a solid grey, but I'm thinking orange), probably short haired and I want to name it Sammy. Sammy, because we already have PB&J and then the final cat will be Sammy (which is what I call sandwiches). Not that it will be the final cat, but we'll go with that so that Scott doesn't stroke out or something.

Since I won't be getting this new cat for a while (a really LONG while if Scott has any say in it), I adopted the super cute flash plug-in to the left. So there's our new kitten!

Seriously, how sad am I?

Current Music: Rehab - Amy Winehouse


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