Monday, June 18, 2007

Fair's fair

It's not that I forgot Father's Day, or that I forgot to call my Dad. It's just that since I forgot to call my Mom on Mother's Day, I knew I'd be in trouble for remembering Father's Day. So I'll call him today and wish him a happy Father's Day, and tell him why I didn't call - and he'll laugh and probably say I was right not to call!

That's the great thing about my dad, if he has expectations, he sure doesn't act like it. Every time I call, he's happy to hear from me, no recriminations for not calling sooner, or returning a call ASAP. Not that I don't love my mom - I do, but there's mom guilt there and that's just not so with my dad (or if there is I don't notice).

Father's day at our house was a low key affair, not having kids makes it not such a big deal for us. I made a card for the kitties and pup to give Scott and when I was at Old Navy on Friday I bought him a new pair of shorts - so he made out well. It was also low key, since we were fairly partied-out by Sunday - not to mention the fact that it was in the mid-80s all day. We got a bit of house cleaning done, for the impending arrival of my mother, but there's still more to do.

BNL update - it was a good concert on Friday evening, totally packed, but fun. Scott and J talked too much and M and I were stuck waiting for margaritas forever, so we missed some of the good songs, but all in all a good time!

Current Music: It's Five O'clock Somewhere - Alan Jackson (well it is Monday!)


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