Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Any Port In A Storm

I was driving a lot today - I had a bunch of things to do for clients, so I figured I'd get it all done at once. But I was feeling a bit lost, a bit disconnected, missing people and places long gone.

As I drove, I passed a number of different cemeteries, and "Memorial Parks" - it got me thinking about the fact that my Grandmother is buried so far away. I thought about the fact that I couldn't stop and sit by her grave and talk to her, I couldn't tell her what's new or anything that was going on with me. Then I thought, well why do I have to be there - why can't I just pull into any of these cemeteries - will any "body" do? Why do we feel the need to sit by "our person" - when we know that they aren't really there, just what is left of them?

So I tried it - I parked and sat on a bench and thought about all those people, pets and places that I don't get to see, or talk to, or go to. And I talked to those random people there instead of my people - and it was ok. In fact in some ways it was better.

I could tell those folks lying there all about how I miss being a little kid hanging out with my Grandmother, or how I wish I had known my Grandfather better. I told them all about how I think of and miss my friends that died of cancer. I told them how I miss all those pets that made my life a better place and are gone now. They learned about all the friends that I left behind when I moved and how I miss the place I grew up and lived for so many years. And it was nice.

Maybe I'll get a chance to go and talk to my people soon, but for now these people will do.

Current Music: Eulogy - The Hereafter

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ohio Magnetism

No really, Ohio speaks to me (and not just through blogs). It must, because what else could explain my third trip to the Buckeye State in two months?

I can honestly say that I have never been to any state (that I haven't lived in) as many times as I've been to Ohio (well, there's Florida - but once was for business and once for a funeral, so let's not count those). So why do I keep going to Ohio this summer? Is it really "the heart of it all"? Am I just drawn to the giant Longaberger Basket? Perhaps I am destined to move to Ohio and do great things, or not.

I suppose trips to Ohio (or at least through Ohio) are pretty much a foregone conclusion living in Michigan - there's really no other way out (unless I go through Canada, which really would be the long-way round to most places - well, except to Canada). But still - it does seem odd to be headed back there again...

Current Music: Ohio - Bowling for Soup

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Another Open Letter

Dear Bosses Wife,

Do you find it fairly hypocritical that you told me I should wear a tank top under my shirt because my bra was showing?

Seeing as how you are the one that usually has your bra strap showing. Not to mention the low cut tank tops that you wear at least once or twice a week (and that your boobs regularly fall out of). I realize that your husband is a "boob man" (it might be why I got the job) and that you mostly just work in the back and don't see clients, but is it really fair to say that I should cover the gap in my shirt?

I will grant the fact that the shirt was a bit tight and I could have made a better bra choice, I will also grant that we are "friends" (in the loose work sense) and maybe you thought you were being helpful. But I still say you're a hypocrite.

Thank you for your time,
Irritated well-dressed Employee.

Current Music: Amy Winehouse - Fuck Me Pumps

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And I'm Back...

As Mark Twain said, "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated".

Mostly I've been recovering from a three day drunk-fest, and then getting back into the normal grind of regular life. That's the part that sucks - the real life part, not the drunk fest part.

So let's see, when last I posted I had just returned from the big Gay Ho-Down and the Honky Tonk Queen contest. I did promise you a video, so here is one of the "past queens", I'm happy to report that the newly crowned queen was even better than this "gal" - which I suppose is not really a stretch.

Directly after my second round on the Ohio turnpike (which was magical) I worked for a week then set off into the annual Mackinac Race week routine. The parade, Family Night, Boat Night, and then the actual race. Scott set sail for the island and I hit the road (oh yeah, again) to pick him up. So four days, seven bruises, too many drinks to count and one good sunburn later and we're back to regular life.

Anyway - I'll get back into my groove, maybe do another NaBloPoMo ('cause that's always fun - ha!).

Current Music: Let Me Out - Ben's Brother

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rockin' Out!

All right, so my girl KimmyK didn't tag me for this, but I thought I might do it anyway. Then Katie was all "you gotta do it", so being the one to bow to peer pressure here's the music meme...

Instructions: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

I will preface this as Kimmy did, I listen to a lot of different types of music, so there's a bit of everything in here (well, I didn't put any classical in) - but no matter what they are, they're fun summer tunes that make me smile! Take any of these to the beach and you'll love them.

American Boy - Estelle Love this one, fast slow little bit of everything

Good Life - Kanye West Summer is all about the good life, right - so duh!

Here for the Party - Gretchen Wilson Alright this is a new one for me, but it really works (thanks to the reigning Honky Tonk Queen for turning me on to this one - check back tomorrow for more on the Honky Tonk Queen)

Summertime - Will Smith Yeah, again, duh (old school I know, but still good)

New Shoes - Paolo Nutini I've got to find a way to get shoes in somewhere :-)

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problems - Kenny Chesney He can sit with no shirt or shoes with me any day!

It's Love - Chris Knox Heard this one on a Heineken commercial and loved it - took a bit to find it, but it's super!

There's a ton more that I can't live without, but these were the ones that keep popping up in my recently played list.

As you know I don't actually know seven people and two of the people that I do know have already done it, so the rest of you can consider yourself tagged if you are so inclined!

Current Music: Heartbreaker - Will.I.Am

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

None who have always been free
can understand the terrible
fascinating power of the hope of
freedom to those who are not free.

— Pearl S. Buck

Happy Fourth of July to one and all!

Current Music: The Liberty Bell March - John Philip Sousa (no really, it's my Dad's cell phone ring)

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