Friday, May 30, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

So, as it usually happens, I've been in a bit of a funk - feeling that I've not the best blogger, pet mom, friend, wife, sibling or child. I've decided to not be in a funk anymore (well, till the next one happens). I've also decided that the best plan of attack is to think about the things that make me happy, little and big things that get me through the day.

1. Scott - yeah, he's a pain, but you've just gotta love a guy that will put up with me (well, I do anyway - you guys are on your own). He's been a champ lately, doing a surprising number of chores and things around the house and being very supportive of cranky, moody me. He's even gone so far as to suggest I go buy shoes to make myself feel better!

2. My Nieces - these two little girls make my heart swell. I think they are spectacular, they can do no wrong and they are most definitely the cutest things on the planet. All right maybe not, but they make me about as happy as I get - even when they are busy being awful and their mom is reconsidering giving them up for adoption.

3. My four-legged kids - These little buggers make me smile like nothing else. And even when they aren't make me laugh they're helping me out in other ways.
Bad day? Well at least the dog is happy to see me.
Don't want to wake up? 16 pounds of Maine Coon sitting on you bladder will solve that.
Sorry you didn't have kids? Cleaning the litter box is way easier than diapers.

4. This blog - yep, you all rank in my things that make me happy! I love having my own little corner of the Internet to bitch and whine and then have you all tell me 'it's okay, you're not the only one'. So thank you all.

5.My iPod - shallow, yes but I love it and it makes me smile and dance around my house like a dumb commercial (yes, an iPod commercial!).

6. Scrapbooking - oh I know it's a bit silly, but I find it so relaxing and fun. How can it be bad playing with beautiful things and looking at all your favorite pictures?

Sadly, I can't think of a full top ten, but 60% isn't bad. I guess I still only get a D for happiness, but I'll study harder next time.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

How May I Disappoint You Today?

I hate to be disappointed, and yet I am disappointed frequently. Typically it is due to my own expectations, or rather over-expectations. But most of the time I've learned to live with disappointment by managing those expectations.

As much as I hate to be disappointed, what I hate more is disappointing people. Not that any of us really want to go out of our way to disappoint others, but it is truly one of my least favorite things - (it's guaranteed to make my stomach churn and head pound). But this week I think I've managed to disappoint almost everyone in my life.

I thought I had pre-ordered a Wii Fit for my sister's birthday. Apparently I did not complete the order and now my sister has no birthday present, until the next shipment comes in (in a month). I did some checking around on line and unless I'm willing to twice the retail value I'm SOL.

I yelled at Scott for the umteenth time, and he finally got mad back and sulked for a few days. Normally I wouldn't really care, but in his own lame way he has been trying to make my life easier and I've been taking that for granted.

My two year old niece called and wanted to talk to me, but I couldn't answer the phone (in my defense I was working).

I completely forgot to order some parts for a client, and now it's going to be 3 more weeks till they can finish their project.

I haven't taken my dog for a walk for over a week.

I forgot to call my dad back with a recipe that he really needed (I did manage to get him the information a day after he needed it).

Since I've disappointed my nearest and dearest, I figured I'd put it out there to anyone who needs to be disappointed... So how may I disappoint you today?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blog Neglect

Can I be arrested for blog neglect? Is there a Blog Protective Services, could there be fines involved for the fact that I've been a crap blogger? I hope not, cause I have in deed been a crap blogger!

But, since I'm sure you're all dying to know what's new with me, here's Mandy Lou in bullets:

  • The sewage pump is f'd up again, nothing major but if I see those stupid plumbers again... well just keep an eye on the news "Suburban lady opens a can of whoop ass on two under age plumbers".
  • Scott cleaned both bathrooms this week, no really both bath rooms (and yes, there was much fanfare)
  • I am only just now dropping my sister's birthday card in the mail - can it make it to Cali by Saturday?
  • I've been working 9+ hours a day, that bites
  • I've had PMS for like a week now, that really bites
  • I walked over 15,000 steps on Saturday (I had to work at the restaurant)
  • May bangs are growing out, again - yeah, I cut them, again. So what's your point?
  • I am a week and a half away from becoming the mother of a tween girl and a crazy hockey playing boy - the good news is that it's only a week, but more on all that later
  • Even without all the restaurant steps, I'm pretty much making my goal of 7,000 steps a day - gotta love those long walks through the mall!
  • Work is sucking - most of the time I dream of using the stapler on my boss' forhead
  • Scott spent "all day" cleaning 4 windows - no really, it's hard work being him.
  • I'm scheduled to work both Friday and Saturday night working at the restaurant, it's going to be a long weekend, and not in a good way!

Well, that's about it for now. I would promise to be a better blogger, but I'd probably let y'all down. So I'll just say I just say see you soon (ish).

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Would Walk 500 Miles

Well, it's not really 500 miles, it's more like 280. That's 5 miles a day for 8 weeks, or 10,000 steps for 56 days. What ever way you want to break it down, that's what I'm doing.

The 5th Annual WOMAN Challenge started on Mother's Day. I did it last year for the first time and had a really great time. My sister, Mom and a couple of friends all joined the same team and we encouraged each other (via email) to walk our butts off! Of course it's just a self-enforced thing, sort of like NaBloPoMo - it's all about the ability to say that you did it!

So for the next 8 weeks I'll have my handy dandy pedometer on my belt, making sure that I'm doing all my steps! And if I'm running a bit short one day, there's always shopping or "Dance, Dance Revolution" (I don't see why that can't count)!

Now for the standard "I'm a sucktastic blogger lately" speech - but the whole work thing is taking up waaaay too much of my time (like I don't have personal things to do during the work day!). I have succumb to the Twitter phenomenon, so if you're desperate for more Mandy Lou - you can follow me there!

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I so desperately want to feel like this...

Though, I do worry that I would have to take up a drug habit to get results like that.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Stress Ball

Yep, that's me - a little wound up ball of stress! Have been all week.

So why am I stressed you say (besides the obvious - no money, dirty house, laundry not done, behind at work)?

Well I've got this thing to go to tomorrow - it's a charity "luncheon" for the local hospital. Doesn't sound all that bad right? My friend invited me since she had an extra ticket plus she figured it would be a good "networking" opportunity. At first it sounded like fun, but then I thought about who was really going to be there - all the doctor's wives, the rich stay at home moms and all the other "ladies of leisure" in town (in short, all of the rich folk that I don't hang out with).

So that got me stressing out about what to wear and since I don't do "luncheons" (I'm more of a casual brunch girl or a hang out after work with friends girl). Off I went to the mall - trying on skirts and suits and slacks and all sorts of other things I would never wear in my normal day to day life. But if I was going to be hanging with this crowd I needed something more than my standard nice top, dressy jeans and cute shoes ensemble. I finally found a cute skirt that went with a sweater I already had - cute and dressy, but could be casual for later use.

Then I realized I didn't have the right shoes. I felt quite strongly that my normal selection of boots, Sketchers, ballet flats or flip-flops just weren't going to cut it. So I went shopping again - I've bought five pairs of shoes this week (admittedly two pairs were not for the outfit)! But after multiple trips to the mall I know have skirt and shoes - oh and a new handbag (cause you can't buy new shoes and not a new purse).

That got me thinking about the state of hair and nails and toes (they're peep-toe shoes after all). So I checked the roots and the half gown out bangs and called in for an appointment with my stylist. The hair was the easiest part all things considered, well, except for the evil bangs but I can work with them. The toes are done, though I'm a bit worried that the color is too bright - but screw them if they can't appreciate a sassy summer color. The nails may have to go as they are since I don't see a manicure happening between now and 11:30 tomorrow.

And of course during this shopping frenzy I've been wondering where the money is going to come from for these purchases. I've tried to keep my purchases reasonable and I think that I should be able to wear all of this stuff more than just this time - so that's good. And I do have a fair number of things to return, that's money back in the bank.

I should be relatively stress free at this point, I'm all ready and I should be able to breath easily. But now I'm worried about the even it's self - will I know anyone? Will I see someone I don't want to run into? Will I somehow embarrass my self?

I suppose the question that I should be worried about more is will I be bored out of my skull and be sorry for spending all the time and money?

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