Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Ramblings

Have I said I miss you guys lately? Yep - I guess the cloud is lifting a little bit, because I realized it's been ages since I checked in with my little blog world. That's a good sign right? Maybe it's just all the cold weather waking my lazy ass up, who knows.

Things I do know:
- My Dad died a month ago yesterday, and I didn't cry all day - just thought good thoughts and felt really ok with that.

- I am watching way too much TV - well I guess the problem is that I'm not - the Tivo is desperately close to full. But the thing is I didn't really add a lot of shows so I'm not sure if I'm watching slower or Scott is secretly filling the tivo up with his crappy shows or what.

- I am getting addicted to Facebook - it's like a sickness I swear. I've caught up with college friends, high school friends and even some elementary school friends. I even caught up with one of my college flings (it was too short to call a relationship).

- I may have started a strange "flirt-ationship" with the previously mentioned fling - it's kind of fun to reminisce about old times, but strange when the old times were mostly sex.

- My house is a mess. Another thing that happens when you are in a fog for a month, your house goes to hell. I'll be cleaning tonight and much of tomorrow, since we've got company coming on Saturday.

- Scott is my new hero. Yeah, go figure, but my darling hubby has been amazingly helpful and supportive in this whole thing. Doing laundry, taking care of all the fall clean-up stuff, doing the dishes, etc. I realize that most of that list is stuff he normally does but he's done it without me nagging and bitching and that's the wonderful part (that and having clean underwear, because if it had been up to me...).

- I am so not ready for Halloween. I haven't put out any Halloween decorations, though I did manage to get some pumpkins. I did buy some candy, the bad news is that we've pretty much eaten it all.

- I have been freezing my ass off the last couple of days. In my denial of fall, haven't gotten out the big down comforter or any of my sweaters, the result being permanently cold unless I'm attached to my space heater under my desk.

- My iPod is woefully out of date, so I've been listening to Yahoo radio at work - it's not too bad.

- We took some time to go look at the fall colors on Sunday and had a great day. It's nice to know that great days are still out there.

I guess that's all I know for sure, but it's not a bad start really.

Current Music: Outside - Aqualung


Bronwyn said...

Glad to see you drop in. Your hubby sounds like he's doing a good job. Don't worry, the first month after my Mom died, I watched all 6 seasons of Sex& the City. Twice. And nothing else. Sending you good thoughts.

for a different kind of girl said...

Glad to see you, too! I was hoping when I saw your comment on my blog that you'd be peeking in here, too!

I was thinking this afternoon, just as the battery was waning, that my own iPod is hideously tired. I have more than 2,100 songs on it and I'm tired of them all! The bad part is that I rarely listen to current radio anymore, so I don't know any good songs to update it with!

Glad you're hanging in, hun.

Lori said...

I think winter is coming fast this year. It's really cold here too, and I too need to do some closet reorganization for the new season.
Glad your feeling more up than down. And be careful with your old fling.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pull out the Halloween decorations this year either. That would just be more crap I would have to clean up!

kimmyk said...

pretty picture.

i had facebook and i didnt like it so well. i didnt like people finding i dumped it.

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